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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mostly, The Vagina

Posted by on September 26 at 11:05 AM

The sculptor Anish Kapoor gives the Guardian a great, weird interview, including his claim that new art is vaginal, meaning, among other things, in the gutter. Something about this is hysterically funny (and evidently, as Eli pointed out, hysteria is back), both to me, and to Kapoor, apparently.

“I would say that to make new art, you need to make new space. The modernist space, all the great modern art, has been like the rocket, phallic, onwards and upwards. The new space is the opposite of that. It’s in the gutter, it’s deep, dark, inverted, it’s inside out. If you think what the space of the internet is, it’s a curious non-space—it’s like it’s turning itself inside out because that way you can create so much more space by going in and deep. So this is, in a curious way, the future, and it links psychologically to the past and, of course, as you say, it’s sexual.” He likes to answer a question fully, does Kapoor.

Would he say that, as an artist, he has reclaimed the vagina? “I would not disagree with you.” He starts laughing. “Hahahahahahaha!” It goes on so long that it becomes disarming. I’m not sure if he’s laughing at me or with me. “Forgive me!” he finally says.

This, below, is Sky Mirror, which recently went up in Rockefeller Center in the ongoing quest to reclaim the vagina. Somebody notify Louise Bourgeois, who is currently at work sculpting penises on top of onwards and upwards rockets of water for Seattle.


And then there’s the question Jerry Saltz brought up in the Voice recently in his column “Where the Girls Aren’t” about the lack of women artists in galleries. What about Seattle? Men do outnumber women, but how badly? I’m not sure yet.

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That photo is wild!! In person probably better. Thanks-->)>))

I saw it as they were piecing it together a week ago. It was interesting, in a "What is this thing doing here? What's it for? Must be art." kind of way. Albeit, it was unfinished at the time.

That is cool. But isn't it going to become a laser death ray at high noon?

A quest to reclaim the vagina through art was inevitable once you gave lesbians unfettered access to art supplies.

Question - Reclaim it from whom? (Who would want the smelly thing? I mean, okay, some might want it to play with for a while, but to keep?)

bourgeois has already been there. she made these eyeball sculptures installed in a courtyard at my college--needless to say, they looked very much like something else. we mostly liked them, but the ground-moving alternative proposed by vito acconci would have been a much more exciting use of the space.

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