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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Morning News

Posted by on September 6 at 8:06 AM

The respiratory problems like sinusitis and asthma that many Ground Zero workers reportered after Sept. 11th are caused by the dust of the towers, a massive study confirms.

Many sectarian-violence fearing Iraqis are changing their names to sound more Shiite or sect-neutral.

“The challenge from Iran and Syria” now tops Israel’s defense agenda.

Japan’s Princess Kiko gives birth to the first male heir in the family, perhaps ending the debate about the need to change Japanese law to allow women to accede the throne.

Pot kills — no, not people, bonehead. The environment.

As Seattle schools kick back into session, some city kids catch the 6:45 ferry to the suburbs’ high schools.

Nickels: Not only pro-people but also pro-trees.

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Well, the President and Rudy both got to climb on top of a pile of wreckage and play with the bullhorn. It made a great photo-op, so it was worth all of those people getting sick.

Seriously, I hope that all those cops and firemen that made a big deal out that small shrub will note how their elected government regards their welfare.

spelling nitpick of the day...

It may SOUND like respitory, but it's spelled resporitory.

cool propaganda in the pot article

(+)Such operations are turning up in greater numbers within state and national parks throughout California. Federal officials estimate the state produces half of all the marijuana seized on public lands nationwide.

(-)Officials at Point Reyes National Seashore have only begun to assess the resulting damage to an area that is habitat for the spotted owl, steelhead trout and coho salmon, and they said it could be months before they know the long-term implications for the ecosystem.

Actually, it's respiratory.

So maybe we should legalize pot and let farmers grow it on... farms?

So glad Princess Kiko was able to shit out a boy because I was so - you know - worried about a female ascending to the thrown in Japan.


No mention of the REAL news of the day? Koo-Koo Katherine Harris won her primary in Florida. Democrats everywhere rejoice, start figuring how to get her on national TV every three minutes.

Exactly Dan. Pot doesn't do a thing to the environment. Growing it illicitly does.

Will we ever see the day when it is as legal as alcohol?

That's humiliatin'! One strong cup of coffee later, I realize I spelled my spelling nitpicky correction wrong. Doh!

Hey, I thought the first day of school for my kid was tomorrow, and had gone for what I thought was an early morning day-before tour of Lincoln, only to find out it was the first day - no, I wasn't investigating green things, somehow got the dates wrong.

But, yeah, we need more trees.

Dust from Ground Zero causes respiratory ailments? In other news, bears shit in the woods.

Damn bears, ruining our pot farms.

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