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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Morning News

Posted by on September 5 at 8:11 AM

The conservative guy wins: The Mexican Supreme court hands down its verdict for the contested July 2nd election.

Drop it like it’s hot: Republican leaders abandon work on their fearsome immigraton overhaul to focus on stronger pre-election issues.

Pro-Iraq War candidate for the Arizona House decides to back his stance by deploying to Iraq in the Army Reserve.

Complaints about sexual harrassment in the workplace are on the decline — peaking at 15,889 in 1997 and now at 12,679. Experts point to the rise in workplace training and the increasing average award in sexual harrassment cases.

Internet multi=player game World of Warcraft heralded as the “most popular game since Pac-Man!” as orc obsession seizes over 7 million people internationally and rakes in $1 billion.

“Activist judges who legislate from the bench!!!” — that describes, uh, the WA state Supreme Court?

An Anti-Wal Mart group drew a crowd of 400 in Seattle last night, including Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray.

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"Complaints about sexual harrassment in the workplace are on the decline — peaking at 15,889 in 1997 ..."

Clinton retired, and workplace sexual harrassment subsided. Connect the dots.

(Signed) - Juanita Broaddrick

Re: Mexican election...Sound familiar? I wonder if the conservative guy will be as disasterous as our conservative guy? It won't be too hard. All he has to do is make sure nothing changes.

Who's "Senator Patrick Murray"?

Over the weekend NPR misidentified Santorum's opponent as Pat Casey, and now Patty Murray has become Patrick?

Qu'est-ce qui ce pats?

shit, changed. Thanks, Chris.

Regarding Cantwell and Murray's participation in the anti-Wal-Mart rally...

The problem with Wal-Mart is not Wal-Mart. The problem is the playing field that's been created that encourages Wal-Mart to be Wal-Mart. Pressuring Wal-Mart to change its practices is a bit like pressuring Barry Bonds to stop taking performance enhancing drugs.

I'm disappointed by Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray for hopping aboard this suicidal trash-Wal-Mart bandwagon. But really, I am not at all surprised. Let me qualify that there's no way I'm voting for Mike McGavick over Cantwell. To use an expression I recall concerning Bush vs. Kerry, McGavick is "the evil of two lessers." And yet, I despise Maria Cantwell with a disgust and contempt that I can't really work up for McGavick.

But what's sad to me about politicians like Cantwell and Murray, and Darcy Burner for that matter, is that they have about as much of a political philosophy or vision as a school of lemmings or some deer caught in the headlights. It all seems to be about appearing nice and inoffensive and mainstream, following the polls and the Democratic leadership's conventional wisdom. This is why Cantwell originally backed the lame-brained war in Iraq and why she's now squirming over it. This is why Cantwell shamelessly panders with her whole faux-socialist "investigate the oil companies' profits" farce, which she herself knows is a farce. Because she doesn't actually stand for anything other than getting elected, because she doesn't dare challenge the voters by doing something called leading.

By the way, this is yet another example of why this nation so desperately needs Al Gore. Gore isn't bashing Wal-Mart. He recently spoke at Wal-Mart's annual shareholders convention -- and he spoke very frankly and courageously about tough remedies for global warming. And, in case any of you forgot, Gore was always against the war -- and passionately against it.

I can't believe the neo-cons are *still* talking about Clinton. Fifty years from now, they'll be in retirement homes drooling on themselves yelling "BLOWJOB!" "CIGAR!" "END OF THE WORLD!" Some peeps really need to get laid.

In re: activist judges. This "debate," if you can call it that, is out of control. This is just another example of how idiotic comments from George W. are undermining our form of gov't and elevating the power of the executive branch above the others. Each year since he first muttered the words "activist judges," the number of threats against judges has risen dramatically (something like 60% between 2003 and 2005), as well as the level of violence.

What, nothing on Mortgage Moms and the destruction of the GOP in the states that voted in Lincoln?

Are you guys asleep?

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