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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More Trash Talk

Posted by on September 27 at 7:23 AM

Actually, scanning today’s papers, I see more reasons for Seahawks fans to get optimistic. First, the Bears first-round draft pick from last year, RB Cedric Benson is apparently the sort of crybaby that Charles Mudede would not approve of, as his pouts and tantrums are creating lock-room dissension. Second, Bears DB Ricky Manning Jr. had to cop a plea to avoid jail time for assaulting somebody at a Denny’s.

Nonetheless, the Bears will win. Why? Because they’re transforming themselves from a running team that throws when behind to a running team that can pass successfully if their opponent stacks the box with defenders, as the Seahawks surely plan to do. Once again, Mike Mulligan has the scoop.

And as for Alexander not being your best player, WTF? Hasselhoff, or whatever his name is, is no Brett Favre. And he wasn’t MVP last year, was he?

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You'd better call (david) Hasselhoff's agent, because you're going to need another qb when grossman fails to deliver.

Alexander was the league MVP last year, but Seattle isn't a one-man show so you can't count us out simply because one of our players ( although he's a very good one) isn't going to be playing.

The bears do have some consolation, though. They can look to shockey to see the path towards recovery from a seattle beating: melancholy, rage (on camera!), remorse, and finally acceptance.

But what about Buju?! I want to talk about Buju! Putting up Slog items that aren't about Buju is censorship!

brilliant: now i know how to get capitol hill interested in football...

ATTENTION: buju loves the bears. He's been a fan ever since he grew up watching the bears of the 80s. buju will be watching the game on sunday, and he'll be wearing blue and orange. ok? ready..... go!

Considering that the Bears and their worthless offense dont have a chance in hell..

Did you guys hear that TO tried to kill himself? I thought he was just angry, I didnt know he was all Silvia Plath and shit.

I find it difficult to really accept that TO is suicidal. But you never know... beneath all that braggadocio he could be quite the sensitive/fragile dude. Or, it could just be the painkillers. All I know is he better play the fricken Eagles next weekend. Sure, NFL players are real people with real problems. Still, I have McNabb and Owens on one of my fantasy teams and I'm banking on scoring big that week

TO is (was) one of the toughest receivers out there, he is absolutely fearless, but mentally he seems to have as many demons as the great Darryl Strawberry.

Sports are what makes America great. I fucking love The Strangers new emphasis on sports and the live blogging with Dan Savage and his brother is genius. I'm so there. As long as American Corporate Sports keep on keeping on, I know that the islamo-fucks haven't won.

ChiFan: You shouldn't use "Bears" and "running team" in the same sentence. They're 23rd in the NFL in rushing yard, averaging well under 3 yards per carry.

The only "stacked box" you'll see on Sunday will be the pyramid of skanky whores you people call "cheerleaders".

T.O. is muthafukin' crazy in case nobody's been paying attention the past few years.

i'm just waiting for all the psychoanalysis in the non-sports press to start (saw a little this morning on CNN while I was getting ready for work).

"Oh he was raised by his grandmother and craved attention and thats why he is the way he is."

Dallas was nuts to think that picking him up was a good idea, after being chased out of both san fran and philly.

maybe dallas will trade him to chicago?

Doug: Whoa, there slick. As dave taught us, just because they're dressed a certain way doesn't mean they are a certain way...

Thank Christ Hasselbeck isn't Brett Farve, who's "gunslinger mentality" seems to require him hitting everything but his intended target.

Little known fact: Buju Banton wrote the Bears 1986 Super Bowl Shuffle and has never apologized.

We don't mean to cause no trouble
We're just here to do the Super Bowl Shuffle
(and kill gay people)

TO -- sounds like bi-polar. The super-spike kind. Way, way up, way, way down.

have to disagree with you on that one though, pope. i wish hasselbeck was brett farve, but pretty much any team would be so lucky to have such a quality player.

brett's style has served him well even if his first few years were a little rough.

But don't forget that hasselbeck was on the packers with both farve and holmgren before they came out to seattle and the offense that holmgren built around west coast 4 wideouts and a strong qb (which hasselbeck is) has worked very well. hasselbeck had a great example in brett and actually it would be interesting to see an interviewer ask hasselbeck what he took away from that formative time.

that said the NFL is different today than it was five, ten years ago in that one-dimensional teams are less dominant because defenses can adjust if they know that they can disregard the run. This is why, in truth, the alexander injury is dangerous, however I think that in this case the much vaunted chicago defense is going to be put to a test. They're either going to prove to be one of the better defensive units in the league or they're going to be shown to be overhyped just like the giants.

defense can help a weak offense but you can't win a game on defense alone against a team that doesn't turn the ball over.

Charles- TO's prone to tantrum, but I've never really thought of him as mentally unstable. The last couple years have been difficult (he can't get along with his QBs, and issues with Bledsoe are bound to arise), but he's still one of the most athletic/dominant receivers in the NFL today. The Cowboys need him. Not only does he have the potential to play well, he frees up their other receivers and enables them to make some big plays.

I've always put TO in the same mental filing cabinet as dennis rodman. yeah he's a good player, but is he *really* adding value to the team? If you could get the guy to just play football then yes, but like rodman, it seems like there is a fundamental inability to just do that.

unlike "neon" deion sanders, another cowboy, who had a big personality too, he wasn't as destructive as TO. I say he's crazy only becuase watching his tantrums you got the feeling that the dude wasn't just running his mouth but that he was really just kind of... out there.

if i was a GM all the potential in the world wouldn't get me past the red flags he's raised in the past.

now that he's apparently taken it to the next level, i feel bad for him and hope that he leaves football and gets himself straightened out. maybe he could come back maybe not. let me put it this way: i'm glad he doesnt play on the hawks

Who cares if da Bears win. Remember how psyched Miami was when they gave da Bears their only loss last time da Bears won the Super Bowl? Was a bump in the road, nothing more.

The road to the Super Bowl goes through Qwest Field, and playoff games there are like the Christians vs. the Lions in the Roman Coliseum. You better hope the Emperor only raises the 12th man flag if da Bears make it over here. He might give a thumbs down.

All your good sausages won't save you then.

Hey Doug:

The Bears are not running much or well this year, but historically they have always been a running team. Due to lack of quality quarterbacks, teams could always just defend the run against the Bears and win. Not so much this year--read Mulligan's piece.

And as for stacked cheerleaders, the Bears do not have any cheerleaders. The Honeybears were disbanded in 1986 at the insistence of clenchbutt cheapskate team owner, grandson of George Halas, Mike McCaskey, a man hated in Chicago only slightly less than Buju is hated on Capitol Hill.

But what once was:

And theory has it that when they were disbanded, they put a curse on the team. The Bears have not been back to the Super Bowl since. We love our curses in Chicago.

Green Bay, Detroit and Minnesota rank 31st, 24th and 12th in overall defense. Seattle is 9th. Grossman's gonna be on his back more often than a hammered Honeybear at an '86 Bears reunion.

And I'll tell you the REAL reason for the Bears curse: Fridge Super Bowl TDs 1, Walter Payton 0. No class.

Rodman was also one of the greatest rebounders in NBA history, lest we forget, and a huge asset to his teams. Word has it that TO was just released from the hospital. His press people are still disputing the fact that he attempted suicide.

lol@ Pope @ 11

I suppose I should clarify... I would love to have the Farve of years past, not the Farve of the past two-ish years. He was a great player, but he is going downhill rapidly.

Doug don't be so hard on the Fridge, he was a GI Joe character, after all. Are you saying we should deny a "Real American Hero(tm)" a Super Bowl touchdown?

But what's Chicago going to do after the Seattle defense leaves the stadium after the third quarter?

The bears defense will come back this week.
Seahawks 13
Bears 17

The bears are a whole different team at home than they are in a different stadium. the vikings beat the seahawks, but the bears beat the vikings, in the metrodome.

The bears had a bad game this sunday, and yet they still won. What are they going to do when they have a good game then?

"..the vikings beat the seahawks.."

The Hawks haven't played the Vikings since 2004, when Seattle beat Minnesota 27-23.

And the rest of your post is equally inane. Put down the Old Style and get some rest.

He must be referring to preseason last year, when the Vikings beat the Seahawks, here. The relevance of this escapes me, though.

I'm pretty sure the rules insist that the Bears are the same team whether they're playing at home or away. They'll wear different uniforms, though; maybe that's confusing you.

And the Seahawks come out for the game.
Matt Hassleback is Sacked.
Matt Hassleback is Sacked.
Matt Hassleback is Sacked.
Matt Hassleback is Sacked.
Matt Hassleback is Sacked.
Touch Down Bears
Touch Down Bears
Touch Down Bears
Touch Down Bears
Field Goal Bears
Field Goal Bears
Field Goal Bears

Welcome to the Real world Seahakws fans. You just got schooled by the chicago bears.

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