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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

McGavick Snows PI

Posted by on September 5 at 9:05 AM

This morning’s PI article comparing the respective Iraq war positions of Democratic Sen. Cantwell and her GOP challenger, Mike McGavick, lets McGavick get away with a total whopper. The credulous PI says McGavick “runs against the GOP grain by welcoming vigorous debate [about the war]…” They go on: “That view differs from Bush, who [has] likened disagreement with the policy in Iraq to not supporting the troops.”

The PI bases this analysis on the following quote that McGavick gave them: “Debating where we are and where we are going is always healthy.”

That might be what McGAvick wants liberal PI readers in Seattle to hear (and the reporters at the PI seem happy to let him get away with it), but I was with McGavick on the campaign trail this summer in Moses Lake, WA.—which is about 2-and-a-half-hours east of Seattle in GOP territory—and he said something completely different to the red meat (actually, doritos and chili) audience there.

Here’s a snippet from the article I wrote from Moses Lake

“We have learned things—since being there—that turned out not to be true,” McGavick admits after a lone Democratic community-college student sitting in back brings up the war. “But it’s inappropriate to have those debates until our troops are out of harm’s way. I would not take up the Congress’s time right now debating those things. I can learn about them later.”

The college student’s question was prompted by an article that ran in the Lewiston Tribune just a few days before McGAvick showed up in Moses Lake.

Lewiston Morning Tribune, July 20, 2006, By DEAN A. FERGUSON of the Tribune. McGavick: It’s wrong to debate war. McGavick is a fierce supporter of the “War on Terror.” Just as previous generations fought fascism and communism, this generation must battle terrorists, he said. “The paramount job of the federal government is to keep us safe and secure,” he said. In an earlier stop at the Lewiston Tribune, he said it is wrong to debate the war. Despite a “large” list of mistakes, the war debate needs to happen when the war ends. “We’ve got lots of time and we’ve got lots to learn,” McGavick said.

Here’s a Slog post I had done at the time on McGavick’s Lewiston position.

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give 'em a break, it's not fair for us to expect the msm to check their facts ...

I think McGavick's position is actually pretty clear:

1) With our troops in harms way, now is not the time to debate WHY we went to war.

2) We should allow a debate on HOW the war is being conducted, and what steps to take next.

You will note that McGavick said, "...where we are and where we are going..." Not, "how we got here".

"...because a debate on how we got here is likely to bring talk of punishment and maybe even impeachment, which I would like not to happen until I am safely elected."

The statement that “The paramount job of the federal government is to keep us safe and secure,” should make him weak with his base if the oposition knew how to exploit it.

The paramount job of the elected officials in the federal government is to protect and defend the republican ideals of liberty, and the democratic intitutions of representative government, as described in the constitution.

The willingness to sacrifice both, along with many humans both G.I. and Iraqi, to "keep us safe at home" is treason. The American people are willing to make sacrifices for liberty and democracy, not for tax-cuts and war-time profiteering.

But are we going to let YOU get away with a misplaced apostrophe in your first sentence? "...let's McGavick get away with..."?

I'm sorry, Grammar Police, but your correction does not itself contain any spelling or grammatical errors, and therefore fails to conform to internet RFCs 979.3, 979.4, and 816.13.b.2. It must therefore be discarded.

Thanks for pointing out that inconsistency, Josh.

I've added a link in my list of little white lies from Mike!™ .

Did you see the blog on this over at the Washington Post? They have McGavick on death watch.

Will: How about providing a link to it for those of us who have not seen it?

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