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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

McGavick Says I’m Sorry. Again.

Posted by on September 5 at 13:32 PM

Seattle Times reporter David Postman is reporting on his blog that GOP U.S. Senate candidate Mike McGavick has returned $14,000 in contributions from VECO (his 10th biggest contributor), an Alaskan oil field services company that has come under federal investigation.

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I know just how VECO feels.

Nothing gets the ol' conscience flowing like seeing guys in "FBI" jackets hauling files out of politicians' offices. McGavick is the Alaskan Mafia candidate of choice, but that's looking like more of a problem than it did before.

Why doesn't he just stop lying, and stop running?

VECO are cocksuckers also?

Fuck yeah! The Huntsingers are a bunch of corrupt sons of bitches. VECO ain't nothin' nice. Yikes@McGavick in bed with VECO.

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