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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

McGavick: To Remember or Not to Remember?

Posted by on September 6 at 12:25 PM

It’s a week-and-a-half later and Mike McGavick is still having to talk about this DUI thing.

He had to answer questions about it again yesterday on the Dori Monson show on KIRO radio—where he got bogged down discussing drunk driving laws in Europe. (Wow, you know your campaign for U.S. Senate is tanking when you’re on the air talking about drunk driving laws in Europe…)

And he had to talk about it some more on KIRO 7 Eyewitness News with Essex Porter.

The big problem is: He still can’t get his mea culpa straight. First he says he doesn’t remember the whole thing, and then he says it’s indelible in his mind.

Check out his contradictory statements from his interviews yesterday.

Here’s McGavick being interviewed by Essex Porter on KIRO TV yesterday.

Porter, to McGavick: Did you deliberately minimize the circumstances of…?

McGavick, to Porter: No, not at all. Look, all I did was go on my memory. I didn’t try to mislead anybody. Why would I try to minimize a DUI? The DUI was the big news, and I’m the one who put it out there.

Porter: McGavick said he was cited, but not arrested. However, the police report says he was placed under arrest for DUI.

McGavick, to Porter: I’ve read the report—it is like reading a story of another person. I mean, look, I was, I just don’t remember. But it doesn’t matter.

So, McGavick’s story is that he “doesn’t remember.”

Personally, I don’t get how someone doesn’t remember being arrested—given that he also had to go before a judge to argue for “probation judgment”—which allowed him to expunge the court records by paying a fine and attending alcohol education classes. How does someone go before a judge and go to alcohol education classes and not remember that they were arrested…handcuffed to a desk, actually?

Well, on Dori Monson’s show…he says, in fact, he does remember.

DM: Do you still drink?   MM: Yes


MM: I enjoy a drink.

DM: You never drink and drive?  

MM: Drink too much and drive? No.  

DM: But you’re not zero-tolerance, then. I mean if you’ll…

MM: No, because if — social drinking’s a part of my life. I enjoy it when I’m with friends, but I know my limits very clearly. I learned them in a very painful way — in a way that is indelible in my mind.

Oh, and for kicks: Here’s U.S. Senate candidate McGavick wasting precious free media time talking about drunk driving laws in Europe.

DM: So, I mean, aren’t you at .03, .05, aren’t you a bit more of a danger than at point-than at no alcohol?

MM: You know the law-the laws take all this into account, Dori, if people were afraid that would cause dangerous driving we’d have laws against it. I think where the law is set is about right. I do think, though, that some of the European countries have better ideas. Their punishments, as you know, are much more extreme. And I do think that some of those models might be better, but look, I fully understand where your question is going but no, I will not drink to much and drive, period. I learned that lesson, and if anything I’ve gotten a thirteen-year later reminder of just what a stupid and humiliating event this is.

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Wow. Mike! just can't stop fumbling around on this one. I think he's abundantly proved that he's got a tin ear when it comes to stuff like this - he has no clue how bad his answers sound. And am I crazy, or is there just more and more shit every time he turns around? I'm convinced that next week I'll be reading about how his man-boy relationship with his illegal housekeepers underage son is "appropriate". What else does Mike! have hiding in his closet?

Sounds like the standard Kennedy defense.

Which Kennedy? Any one elected to Federal Gov. You choose...

(Pity no one was left to drown... then you'd really have something!)

god, i wish mcgavick would have just crashed into a wall and rendered himself speechless so we wouldn't have to hear about it anymore.

plus, he would definitely lose the election if he couldn't speak. a win all around.

maybe he can have a new ad on TV where McCain tells us what really happens...

If Drunken Mike supported European-style funding of mass transportation that actually allows people to get blotto and make it home safely, then perhaps I'd listen to what he has to say.

Otherwise he's just another liquored-up, aging frat boy Republican.

have I just missed it or has no one noted the irony of an (ex) insurance company exec discussing a DUI?

What does Safeco do about one of its customers who clocks in at .17?

How does current Safeco management feel about its former head saying he still might have a few before he gets behind the wheel?

Oh, Gnossos. OMG. Holy shit, man, someone *has* to ask him that question. "Are you currently covered by Safeco Insurance?" then "Does Safeco normally cover people who have DUI arrests on their record?" then "If not, why are you getting special treatment?"

If Alaskan Mike McGavick had done drunk driving in Norway, his fine would have been based on his stock ownership and income and would have been a few million dollars PLUS a year in jail.

oh, and his Safeco insurance would have been voided too.

Some people enjoy being upset about politicians. I could care less. If it makes you feel morally superior to be upset about politicians you're a dumbass who needs to get laid.

So, Mike, say hello to Vern Fonk.

He still drinks and drives, and he admits it. That's amazing.

I wonder what method he uses to make sure he's not over his internal limit? Does he count his drinks? Carry a BAM? Just rely on "hey, I don't feel that drunk"? And he, as an insurance executive, doesn't think a .05 is dangerous? Wow. I was wrong. This IS a story.

There's a reason Alaskan Mike is on Hardball Deathwatch. And it's not just the lying, it's the repeated lying.

That plus the inability to get traction and bringing Karl Rove in due to fundraising desperation.

If it walks like a red commie Bushie, and it slimes like a red commie Bushie, and it takes graft like a red commie Bushie, it doesn't matter what it talks like - it's a red commie Bushie.

You want to talk about a real drunk driving scandal lets review the facts around one belonging to a sitting Senator…

7/18/69 Ted Kennedy attended a party on Chappaquiddick, Martha's Vineyard. All but one of the male guests were married and attending without their wives, and all of the female guests were single. Kennedy drove off of Dyke Bridge into Poucha Pond with party guest Mary Jo Kopechne. The car came to rest upside down underwater.

Kennedy swam free of the vehicle without Kopechne, rested on the bank and then returned to the party on foot.
Later Kennedy and others returned to the pond. Although there was a telephone, nobody called for help.

When efforts to rescue Kopechne failed, Kennedy decided to make a break for his hotel, but the Edgartown-Chappaquiddick ferry (which is what connects Chappaquiddick to the rest of the island) had shut down for the night so he swam across the channel, back to Edgartown.

Kennedy discussed the accident with several people, including his lawyer before he contacted the police more than 10 hours after the accident.

When police recovered Kennedy's car the observations of those present coupled with the position that the diver found her body indicated that Kopechne may not have drown, but suffocated in an air pocket within the car. No autopsy was performed and the precise cause of death is unknown.

Kennedy was criticized for allegedly driving drunk, for failing to save Kopechne, for failing to summon help immediately, and for contacting not the police but rather his lawyer first.

Kennedy entered a plea of guilty to a charge of leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury. He received a sentence of two months in jail, which was suspended. The sentence was notable in that the statute for the crime provided only for mandatory jail time and not the discretion of a suspended sentence.

Now that’s how you do it if your a Democrat!

(Summarized from WikiPedia)

Kennedy swam across a channel? I guess he must have been in better shape back then.

I'll drink to that!

Oh, wait, I'm not a lying unpatriotic Republican and I have to drive home in a few minutes ... never mind ...

I think he was in better shape, scared shitless, and had hopes of convincing people he was never there... but yes, he apparently swam across the channel while the chick suffocated.

Of course alcohol floats, and he is naturally buoyant, so depending upon prevailing winds and tides he may have floated across...

Because a Democrat did something bad almost forty years ago, that means Republicans have carte blanche to do bad stuff now and get away with it. It's only fair.

No. But to the extent that they continue to send a man who's drunk driving killed someone back to washington for the last 40 years does somewhat diminish thier credability when casting stones at someone else for the same moral foible (with an arguably less tragic outcome)... Glass houses and all. Personaly, I would like to see Kennedy and McGavick in the private sector.

I'm not arguing the Mike! should not be elected because of a DUI (folks in glass houses and stones...) -- that's about the least of the reasons to shitcan the dude.

But, I remain fascinated by the intersection of being an insurance company exec and having had a DUI and continuing to drink and drive. For me it raises a shitload of questions...the answers to which might prove a tipping point for some folks.

oh, and yeah Fnarf, ya just gotta love the way whenever a Republican gets caught in a jam, somehow Clinton gets caught brought into the conversation as a defense. Or, for the really long-ago minded, that evil, drunkard who killed that poor, poor girl (said with a vocal quiver and tear in their eye).

Yeah Gnossos, I totaly agree. Bitch had it comming to her... (Thats what you get for whoring around with a married man)

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