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Friday, September 8, 2006

Love is Nice

Posted by on September 8 at 15:47 PM

From Slog reader Jay comes this photo of some romantic chalk art he found in Louisa Boren Park at the north end of 15th Ave E in Capitol Hill:


It’s kinda tough to see, but the lady robot said yes.


(Nevertheless, it must be said that socially conscious robots refuse to get married until everyone can.)

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that's my kinda proposal! best wishes to Jason and Ta??? for a long, happy and animated life together, may your naughty parts never rust, and may your offspring be blue tooth enabled

So robots can married? What about gay and lesbian robots?

This is Tara, a.k.a. the pink robot on the left... I just wanted to go on the record to say that, when we do get hitched, we are doing it in Massachusetts - where robot unions of all sorts are recognized and celebrated!

this is rose, mother of the sweet boy robot. we here in massachusetts accept all unions, but i am so happy that this one is forthcoming. and i too hope that their naughty parts never rust!!



Congratulations, kids! See you when we return from Espanya!

Spare a thought for the broken-hearted robot left behind:

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