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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Kinda Quiet Around Here

Posted by on September 7 at 17:22 PM

Slog has been kinda slow this afternoon—sorry about that. A couple of long edit meetings and final HUMP preparations.


But a little good news for Project Runway fans: It’s on, bitches! The Stranger going to be hosting a Project Runway finale viewing party at Spitfire, the newish hipster sports bar on 4th Avenue. (The space used to be Sit & Spin.) Drink specials, finger foods, dashed-off couture, and all your Vincent-loathing buddies from the Project Runway comments threads. Wednesday October 4, bitches.

More details to come.

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I guess that makes more sense than having it at Faire. It was pretty crowded in there a couple weeks ago for PR viewing; so I doubt they could handle much more traffic.

Oh how excited am I!!! Wouldn't it be great to show up in a new creation and do a runway show? Oh, the things people would wear.

My fellow Project Runway whores and I live in Colorado, and we are so terribly depressed that we live too far away to attend your soiree. Have a bottle of Veuve and wear something fabulous for us!

Thanks for setting this up! Can't wait!

Now to figure out what to wear...

That sound you hear right now? That's the sound of me screaming in anguish. I'm going to be out of town on the 4th. I will, however, be sending a contingent of friends to guzzle martinis and cheer extra hard for Michael in my stead. Thanks for setting this up, Dan! Such a great idea! I say this should become a tradition with each season. I'm totally there next time.

I didn't set it up—Caroline, our promotions manager did. I just said, "We should do this." Caroline makes the magic happen—thanks, Caroline!

Well,then - Thanks Caroline! You have made many fashion junkies happy!

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