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Monday, September 11, 2006

A Death

Posted by on September 11 at 20:37 PM

To begin with, when The Stranger heard about the story concerning the death of a drunk man, and possible SPD role in that death, it was morning and the bars in question were not open (I hope that answers this harsh comment to this post: “Seattle’s only ‘newspaper’ fact checks stories by asking people to confirm via their blog? Charles, you lazy fuck.”). Secondly, the people I talked with at both Linda’s and Kincora’s, when they were open, confirmed that something messy and bad happened on the Saturday before last at around 5:30 pm. A drunk man, abandoned by law enforcement officers, stumbled into the street and was killed by a motorcycle. Because there was until today no news on the incident, there seems to have been something of a coverup. That is all I can say for now. More information to come.

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Actually, it doesn't address my comment as your post is time stamped 3:25 p.m. Those bars aren't open at 3? Having readers check the public records and investigate for you is plain lazy.

I'm sad for the victim and will be happy if a police cover-up is being brought to light. Good luck getting to the bottom of it.

Uh, not they're not open at 3. Perhaps you could check bar opening times before you accuse Charles of doing something wrong?

We gathered a lot of good info via the Slog after the Capitol Hill shooting, and Charles got more good info from informed, connected readers after he put that post up. It wasn't the only work he did, though. So chill, AC, you're not a fly on the wall here. You don't see and know all—anymore than we do.

My bad.

Call me old-fashioned, but 5:30 is pretty early to be stumbling drunk.

er, the stranger is super pro-nightlife. that means getting drunk. are the cops supposed to get involved with every staggering drunk on the hill? do you really want the cops hassling you when you stumble out of a bar? or only when they see into the future and know that you will be killed?

Sometimes the internet is full of nonsense. Chris doesn't want any reporting on a death in the neighborhood because it might make the police hassle people.

Anonymous Coward thinks that posting on the blog requesting contact from potential witnesses is somehow lazy reporting.

And Lark Hawk is sitting around in the middle of the night bitching about internet posts.

no, I didn't say that. I'm saying you can't blame the police for the death unless you think the cops ought to walk every tipsy person home.

Chris - did you read the earlier post about the alleged incident? The tip states that the cops pulled a drunk man out of a cab minutes? seconds? before he was run over by the motorcycle.

Was the drunk man safely on his way home when the cops intervened (allegedly)? Would he have been better off if they hadn't?

OR it could be that the drunk was being an asshole, the cabbie called the cops, and the drunk got away (as drunks will do) and got himself killed?

Why don't we get some facts before we get all pious?

There are a couple of assholes who drive their motorcycles up and down Belmont all the time, revving their engines as loud as they can. This happens at all hours, and especially after Redwood or Kincora closes.

That strip of Belmont is a residential street and has become completely overrun with drunks walking between the two bars. I don't like what the landlord across the street from Redwood has been doing, and I love the bar, but the street has been filled with problems as people wander between the two.

I lived on Belmont, in the block between between Olive Street and Pine Street in the late 80's - early 90's (at the late, great Olive Crest, with it's fabulous courtyard fountain and fun little swimming pool - demolished for yet another mini-condo complex). I can tell you it's NOTHING like it was back in the Squid Row/Tugs days. Back then, Pike/Pine was a wasteland of hookers and junkies after dark. The fun little long-gone thrift stores weren't even there yet.

I remember well my first night in my apartment, drifting off to sleep, when I heard a voice yell "Drop the knife. JUST DROP THE FUCKING KNIFE!!!"

Thus began my long relationship with the 9-11 Operators.

Maybe it was one of those imbecile, overemotional, overloud crying drunks.


Belmont at Olive was Junkie Row even further back than that, in the late seventies. MUCH worse than today.

I'd rather deal with junkies than rich condo owners. At least a junkie takes the word no for an answer.

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