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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I Will Never Be Hip

Posted by on September 5 at 22:30 PM

There’s really nothing to say about this, except “AWESOME.”

The hip dude? Robert Blake’s son, Noah.

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"Look how funky he is."

My life will never be the same... what on earth is that from?

mmm teen witch.

Fucking top THAT. I've had this mp3 for years but never knew what it was from. Thank you.

Words can't describe how very awesome that was.

Check out this video from The Lonely Island dudes about this same subject:

yeah, that's probably the highlight--but teen witch is *so* much more--like, "i'm gonna be the most popular girl" and "i like boys"
(listen up cheerleaders, i've got a great new cheer!)
plus, tangina.


Is that the real Fountains of Wayne video for Stacey's Mom?

either way R-A-D-M-I-L-F-in fact the other day I was in a pizza restaraunt and was having a-G-M-I-L-F-fantasy, as in GRAND

OMG! Teen Witch?! This movie used to be on the disney channel like every other weekend...There was also that awesome midget witch lady who's voice was all scratchy from smoking too much...and the cute guy with the 5.0. *sigh*

Oh my. I actually *remember* that movie. Yes, I watched it on Disney like every weekend. To my young male teenager mind: it may have been a chick show, but at least it had magic in it...

It is a very overused term and often used inaccurately but... that was laugh out loud funny!

Oh. My. God. I am SO GLAD to be able to commiserate with people about this! My boyfriend made me watch "Teen Witch" this summer--I'd never seen it, he grew up watching it--and this scene almost killed me.

Also, you should know the movie prominently features celebrated little person Zelda Rubinstein...

Ok I shyt you not yesterday I was dancing around my house singing that exact scene from the movie & had asked my 9 year old if he'd seen it, he hadnt & was wondering why the hell his mom was acting a fool & going "TOP THAT!" up in his face-and POOF! Its like someone was reading my mind cause here it is today in Slog!

Dear Bunz: My roommate and your child are in the same boat. For the past eight weeks, I haven't been able to get this shit out of my brain, or to stop it from coming out of my mouth.

Supersonic, idiotic, indeed.

Hmm, yeah I remember this!
It sort of lacks the greatness when viewed for the first time as an adult, as many of my friends have not appreciated Labyrinth for that very same reason.

I don't really give a FUCK about tryin'a top that

Nay I'm trippin out for 2 reasons, the first is because you mentioned the Labyrinth which I make all of my adult friends watch, because well nothing is as awesome as David Bowe in all his moose knuckle glory- but I’m also trippin cause my ‘ol lady’s nickname is Nay! Small world!

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