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Friday, September 8, 2006

I Thought My Pot Cookies Were Strong

Posted by on September 8 at 8:43 AM

Maybe it’s just as well that no one in the mayor’s office took me up on my offer of pot cookies last week. From the AP

3 Arrested for Pot Cookie Giveaway

Three people were arrested by campus police after about 15 students at the University of California, Berkeley got sick from eating what apparently were marijuana-laced cookies. The three, two of whom are Berkeley students, allegedly helped make and distribute the cookies, university officials said in a statement released Thursday.

UC police learned about the problem when they got a call Wednesday evening from a student who said she was feeling ill and anxious after eating the cookies, served at an independent student-run housing co-op near campus.

Police responded and found that about 15 others were experiencing similar symptoms including shortness of breath and minor hallucinations.

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What a bunch of sissies.

What narc called the cops?

I lived at the co-op where this took place in the late '90s, and pot cookies and brownies were commonplace. However, we had a bylaw - a written rule - that ANY "special cookies" that were handed out had to be dyed green, so people knew these were special. And that rule was followed.

So, somewhere between 1999 and today, that was either forgotten or abandoned - or, as I suspect, these idiots who cooked the stuff up had things other than pot in them.

People who live in that co-op are quite familiar with pot...I can see one or two new residents not knowing how to handle it, but not 15.

I've eaten pot brownies before without realizing what they were. (They were in the fridge, I was hungry, my housemates had never made them before so there was no reason to suspect.) It's a horrible experience--I basically felt like I couldn't breathe all day long, I coluldn't think, I was hallucinating a little bit. And those were fucking weak brownies. The CA brownies were really strong. Have a little bit of sympathy for the kids who thought they were insane.

Meanwhile, these little pussies are throwing up on booze and liquor 3 nights a week! This is a victimless crime (although I wish I were a victim).

I lived in this co-op in the early 90s and agree with Eugene -- if they were residents there they would most likely be well familiar with pot; the brownies/cookies were probably laced. Please have sympathy for them, but don't assume they were wimps or narcs.

Eugene, if you're still reading: did they pass the green dye bylaw at house council? We had one prohibiting the social managers from buying hard drugs with house money, but it was ignored.

Oh my goodness, Dan. Those cookies you sent over to me had marijuana backed into them? My dear, my malaise dissipated because of your thoughtfulness; and I do thank you most dearly.

I awoke on the veranda most refreshed and had the most pleasant dreams. In fact the Reverend thought I was a little tipsy, but I assured him that the butler had not yet served the Sherry. I was going to offer the Reverend a cookie, but I realized that I had eaten them all myself.

I got so much done on my needlepoint that afternoon. The colors were so pretty. It’s practically finished! My next work will be one of chocolate chip cookies, but only “those-in-the-know” will understand the true meaning!

Bless you Dan, and your hard working staff at The Stranger.

Probably for the best. When I was an RA in college one of my residents tried pot for the first time in brownies and had some pretty spectacular seizures. The rock concert EMTs who took care of her had no idea why she had that reaction.

Still, if things went badly, no one in the mayor's office could have said you made any false pretenses about the cookies being "special."

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