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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Have So Much to Do…

Posted by on September 13 at 16:37 PM

…and I’m not doing any of it, because there’s a short story by Miranda July in the new New Yorker. (Saw it at a bookstore just now and bought it, even though a copy is destined to arrive in my mailbox tomorrow or so. Yes. I am that much of a nerd.) Unless I blacked out at some point, this is the first time she’s ever been in this here favorite magazine o’ mine. She had some funny, wonderful ones in The Paris Review before The Paris Review changed editorial staff and began to suck.

I’ve read the first page so far. It’s so good.

[Frizzelle ducks under desk as Mudede throws a lamp at him.]

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Speaking of the New Yorker: The Lawrence Wright story in last week's 9/11 New Yorker (Lawrence Wright, who wrote the definitive New Yorker article in 2002 on al Qaeda...and who wrote the great book I reviewed in last week's Stranger on al Qaeda) is worth reading. He quotes a lot of contemporary radical Islamist tracts and plots out dynamics and relationships between all the moving parts: Qaeda, Islamic Group, Hezbollah etc...

The Islamists' strategy is comfortingly (and surprisingly) unsophisticated. And, it seems to me, despite Wright's alarmist tone, doomed to failure.

As I like to sing: How's your pseudo revolutionary bullshit, Osama?

good thing there's no link to The New Yorker for anyone to follow in the SLOG we're commenting on ...

Then people might read it.

uh, maybe if you looked on the table of contents to said new yorker, you would notice that the story is not (yet?) available online.

good thing there are no stores selling new yorkers around here.

Christopher, You And Almost Every One I Know Feel The Same.

Honest? Is it really that good? Okay, I'll try. I'm desperate to find anything to shake this shit mood. Does Freddy actually carry the New Yorker? I'm guessing not, but I'm going to find out. Only one problem: They do sell bottles of wine. If they don't carry the mag, that bottle is going to look really good.

Well, I get mine by mail, so I don't really need it.

I love The New Yorker and yes Freddies does carry it. Maranda July is a Goddess and her short story is genius. The Stranger should host a New Yorker party in Seattle! A lot of us New York transplants would love to meet and talk about The New Yorker.

One of July's stories is also publised in the book, THE PARIS REVIEW BOOK OF PEOPLE WITH PROBLEMS, featuring an introduction by Stephin Merritt (of Magnetic Fields fame). A lovely publication.

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