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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

HUMPóLast Chance for Tickets?

Posted by on September 5 at 15:16 PM

Okay, all the screenings for HUMP this weekend are sold out.

We can add just one screening to the already packed scheduleóbut it’s at an odd time, Friday at 4 PM.

We’re currently debating whether or not we’re gonna go for it. Stay tuned, anxious non-ticket holders.

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Why bother debating? Does something go disasterously wrong if you add an extra screening and it doesn't sell out?

It's a film festival of homemade porn. You're way overthinking it. Like people aren't looking for an excuse to leave work early on a Friday?

Agreed, AC. But there are a lot of moving parts here.

We've got to okay it with NWFF, BrownPaperTickets, the publisher, promotions folks, and me.

Then don't do it?

How many people does the theater fit anyway?

y'all already raking in like 20 grand off this thing. Might as well throw this shit at the wall and see if it sticks!

I have two extra tickets for Friday at 8:00. Contact me at if you are interested.

Dude the tickets are selling out way to fast, there should be atleast a number of tickets that you set aside that you can't buy on the web because otherwise people sit on the web waiting for them to go on sale and then they buy them all out so that noone else gets a chance to buy tickets.

Why is the address of the screening venue so fucking hard to find? I bought tickets and there is no mention of where the hell this takes place today.

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