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Sunday, September 10, 2006

HUMP 2: And the winners are…

Posted by on September 10 at 1:28 AM

In third place, taking a cash prize of $250…


In second place, taking a cash prize of $500…

“Getting a Leg Up in Porn.”

In first place, taking a cash prize of $2000 and a trip for two to Las Vegas…

“Come On Love, Bo Logan is Waiting.”

Thanks to all who entered or attended HUMP 2. The films were a blast, the screenings were a blast, the closing night gala at Havana was a blast. See you next year.

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FYI, Hump got a huge plug at - of all places - the "Star Trek" 40th Anniversary Banquet held at EMP this evening. One of the speakers, an actor who has appeared in numerous episodes of DS9, Voyager and Enterprise, praised Our Fair City for its progressive attitudes, "Who WOULDN'T want to live in a city where amateur porn is celebrated with something called "Hump"?" he asked (rhetorically) to the glittering throng of Hollywood celebrities, internet bazillionaires and actual rocket scientists.

You-all would have been proud.

Was the gal from Bo Logan at Havana? I would've loved to have met her (swoon)

Oh and i meant to also add - Thanks to The Stranger and NWFF and all the other happy folks who made this possible. It was great!

Well, Bo can now go to his high school reunion with pride.

I took a poll here at Liberty for people that were lucky enough to get tickets, and 'Leg up' seemed to win our straw poll.

But, Bo surely has a lot of which to be proud.

I look forward next year. Can't you guys do this twice a year?

Here's my take on the best:

I voted for Leg up on porn, since it was great and stuck out most when I was filling out the ballot.

Later I wished I had voted for Sweet Cute Hot Sexy was great and well executed. I appreciated it more than the winners, but it just wasn't winning material.

Also felt strongly about the slow-mo opener of Ignus Fatuus. Clearly the best film technically, and possibly the best conceptually. While totally awesome (on of the few I'd like to have a copy of), but also not the kind of film that wins a festival like HUMP.

Hey Dan, et al: you should tell all of the participants that if any of them (winners or otherwise) decide to make their films available they should tell you so you can tell us via Slog. Thanks for a great evening. "Getting a Leg Up" got my vote (and I'm gay!) because it was so damn funny. I'd love a copy of it, as well as (of course) Lawnboy, and Bo Logan, and Condoments.

Leg Up got robbed!!! Everybody was buzzing about it and saying they voted for it at the screening I attended.

Leg up was brilliant, hilarious, and hot. The face shot via Mouse Trap was inspired!!

Bo Logan was a funny and heart-warming tale, and a deserving winner.

Lawnboy was great, but I thought the giant dick was under-utilized.

Ignus Fatuus: beautiful, never seen anything like it. It should have been longer.

Fucking Seattle: Inspiring couple.

Booker Hoss: Got my vote for "Least Appropriate Sound Track for a Porn Scene".

Fairies on a Ferry: Cute and sweet gay sex.

Sweet Cute Hot Sexy: I remember liking this, but I can't remember a thing about it now. Reminder?

Bois: Not entirely convinced this was a porn film.

Thank you Dan and The Stranger for an unforgettable evening!

Dan personally asked me to submit a film for next year, and it still seems like a good idea this morning. My friends and I will have plenty of time to practice our technique over the next year.

Re: Lawnboy. Not to take away from a truly beautiful cock, but my dick (and the dick's of my above-referenced friends) would look huge if we were 5'5" tall, too. Just saying.

Confidential to Stranger in striped shirt and tie(Frizzelle, methinks): After 10:00 pm show, you caught my eye and I yours, at least 3 times on the sidewalk. Then again at Havanna, where you were getting your groove thing on. You're hot. Let's fuck on film for Hump3?

Went to and got drunk at the impressive afterparty. That was a huge crowd. I was the wallflower because mingling with the shoulder to shoulder crowd was too tough a task for my timid, quickly inebriated soul (I did run into and meet some colleagues and other folks, including one of the stars of Fairies on a Ferry).

John the Washington Monument Cock from Lawnboy was there and quite popular. Lotsa people wanted to meet and take pictures with the guy.

Kitty Lynn was quite thrilled after the awards ceremony, though I wasn't sure which of the guys I saw her with was the infamous Bo Logan (she had several guys friends meet with her). I didn't come over to congratulate them myself, figuring they had enough, and not wanting to risk the worst:

Gomez: Hey, congratulations to the both of you.
Kitty: THX.
Dude: Well, actually, I wasn't the guy in the film.
Gomez: Oh. (vomits all over guy who isn't Bo Logan)
Kitty: Ew.
Dude: You're gonna die.
Man who actually played Bo Logan walks up.
Man: Who is this guy and why is he vomiting all over your friend?

ANYWAY, once again, 4-5 films were good enough to win and Cum On Luv was definitely one of them, so I have no problems with how the voting turned out. The field was tough this year, and thankfully, Dan announced an expansion on the awards, as next year voting will be in two categories, one for humor and one for hardcore sex. Good for the next crop of amateur porn, as if this year's entries are any indication, the competition next year will be tougher and more stacked than ever.

Many great entries, but everyone in the world needs to see Getting A Leg Up in Porn.

I am so very proud of Bo (who wasn't there at all, Gomez). It was a tough (dare I say stiff?) competition, and he totally pulled it off. Getting a Leg Up was also brilliant, though, and I do hope it ends up on the Interweb somewhere.

Does anyone remember any of the websites listed in the films? I figure they wanted the publicity that way...

Whew, Levi, now I feel better for not walking up and drunkenly going, "HEY, BO LOGAN!" Seriously.

And I third the take that I'd love to see Getting A Leg Up On Porn spread all over the world. It was hilarious and perfectly done. If the parties on-film had little to lose, it could happen, but otherwise, it's our little secret, all 1000 of us :P

Cybersex was my favorite entry that no one's mentioned yet. Funny and hot, and really the only technical flaw was that parts of Act I were underlit.

Sean: Cute Sweet Hot Sexy was the fast-fading montage of stills.

Ignis Fatuus was indeed breathtaking.

But most importantly, if the makers of Leg Up are reading this: I *beg* you to release this film publicly. The world needs it.

I suggest the Leg Up folks produce a version with their faces obscured and distribute it.

"I suggest the Leg Up folks produce a version with their faces obscured and distribute it."

Ah, but some of the jokes require a good look at our heroine's face. I'd love to see Leg Up on YouTube, but I suspect she would rather not have this masterpiece follow her around all her life, sadly.

Am I the only person who thought it was strange to see Dan Savage taking tickets at HUMP?

It was nice to actually meet him (read him for years in the weekly in the city where I grew up), but I would have thought he was too big a deal to do the grunt work at an event like this. Reading some of his pieces and reading Slog, particularly reading the comments others write about him on Slog, you would think he was too self important do any actual work. Nice to see that wasn't the case.

I enjoyed HUMP very much, and voted for the winner, Bo Logan. It was one of the few films that was dirty and funny but the laughs didn't come at the expense of women. I like "Getting a Leg Up in Porn," but felt that it was mocking female-hostile porn convetions while indulging in them at the same time. I also very much liked Cute Sweet Hot Sexy, even if it did make my boyfriend nervous.

Dan didn't invite me to make a film for next year, but he did tell my boyfriend to. So we'll see what we can do, Dan, but you might have to watch me in action too!

"Sean: Cute Sweet Hot Sexy was the fast-fading montage of stills."

Right! That was super hot. Thanks.

Add my voice to the chorus calling for world wide release of Leg Up... AND Bo Logan. I've been trying to explain them to friends, but it's no use, you just have to see them.

1)Bo Logan was heart warming and funny while still being sexy. Evidentally I have a thing for the seventies moustaches and cop glasses, but just Bo's sincere but sweet arrogance made me melt. And the hottie in the pink wig, Kitty, wow. Wowwie wowwie wow. Hot. Im very glad it won first place, Ive been dreaming about it all day.

2)Mouse trap facials are the best thing in the entire world.

And finally, 3)I learned some thing about myself. I find cream pies much more disgusting in public than I find them in the privacy of my computer room.

Ignis Fatuus was gorgeous, and Cute Sweet Hot Sexy got my vote ('cause while others made me laugh, that was the only one that really turned me on).

But all of the top three were freakin' awesome. They would have been my second, third, and fourth choices, and in that order.

I really liked the exhibitionist one too (Fucking Around Seattle, I think?), in part because it seemed focused on the woman's pleasure. Hot. And I'll never look at Jimi the same way.

If Dan Savage was there doing actual work, it was a calculated move to make himself look like a human being. Dan Savage does NOT lift a finger unless it gets him something.

Jealous Bitter Queen, climb down off the barstool, your table for one is waiting....

"Lawnboy was great, but I thought the giant dick was under-utilized."

Agreed! Next year I think the same team should return, but with a power bottom to deep throat that thing, and then take a serious ass pounding with it! That cock needs to be center stage next time. For that matter - if he's flexible and can suck himself, that would be HOT to see as well.

Great idea, wantsmore9x6.5, but the problem is that guys with giant cocks are typically bottoms. Not only is it a general trend, but also, it's a rare guy that can take a tool that big.

"it's a rare guy that can take a tool that big."

True, Gitai, but I bet that there's more than one guy who saw "Lawnboy" that is willing, able and ready to accept the challenge.

hello, i made "getting a leg up in porn". Would you people pay $5 for a dvd of it? cus i will gladly sell you one.

I'm sure lots of people would pay for a dvd copy of your film. It was fantastic! Congrats on taking second.

Legupmaker: I would gladly purchase multiple copies.

Umpteenthed. That is classic cinema.

Hey, here's an idea:

Next year, Liberty wants to sponsor someone's movie! So, all you prospective moviemakers out there, call up The Stranger and ask them to find you a sponsor, and Liberty'll be one of them. I'm willing to bet that many Seattle businesses and individuals would love to get in on the fun and work with The Stranger to sponsor some moviemaking!

Legupmaker, here's another vote for hardcopy distribution. Time to re-invest those prize winnings!

Wouldn't film sponsorship bring those films too far out of the amateur stage and away from the spirit of this competition?

I thought there was already way too many films that looked too professional. I believe that if anyone recieves money(except for the prize money for winning) that they should be disqualified on the grounds that they were not an amateur film.

that's kind of a ridiculous notion. my movie took about 6 hours to shoot and about 5 hours to edit and i used a cheap camera and one light so i don't know how one could get more amateur than that. your problem is that things look too professional? so you'd like the stranger to have somebody to only accept ones that looked like absolute shit?

at any rate, i will set up a way to purchase the dvd and let you all know how to get it soon.

Before I agree to buy it, I'd like some assurance that the film's stars consent to its distribution. The point of HUMP is to provide a safe outlet for those who want to show their shit on film without the cultural baggage that comes with being captured in flagrante delicto.

Also, I wonder if/how public dissemination of these films, even by their makers, might have a chilling effect on future HUMPs. Will there be a perception that it isn't as safe and temporary as advertised? Discuss.

both actors in the film are actors in the porn industry so there is no fear of their humble life as a florist getting sundered. they both signed not only the stranger talent release but a release for me to do what i want with the film. so there ya go. i am talking to a local online business to see if they want to put it on their site for sale. that would be more reputable than me saying "mail 5 bucks to my po box!". i'll keep you all abreast of it (pun).

Future Ruined:

"Also, I wonder if/how public dissemination of these films, even by their makers, might have a chilling effect on future HUMPs. Will there be a perception that it isn't as safe and temporary as advertised? Discuss."

It should still be safe, so long as the makers of the film are the only folks who get to decide who sees it beyond HUMP (the Stranger, as we all know, destroyed its copies). If you're in a HUMP film and aren't the one holding on to the final cut, you'd probably want to make sure the camera is being held by someone you trust.

Oh, and another thing: If any of the makers plan on actually distributing these films on a wider scale, they should realize that they'll have to follow the same laws that professionals do (e.g. keeping proof of age on file), and will be taking on the same risk of potential obscenity prosecution in Bumf**k County, Alabama. Just FYI.

Ok, Legup. I loved the film and will buy a copy, to be sure.

Speaking of proof of age, soultaco, what about the girl in Attack of the Ninja Fluffers? They were outside the showing I went to, putting on some circus act, and I thought the girl was one of their daughters and commented to some others in the line that I would be appalled if she were in the movie. And then, of course, she was, in all her glory. Scared the fuck out of me. Perhaps I'm getting to an age where I no longer can tell the ages of those younger than I?

$5 for Leg Up?? I'd pay $50! Which I guess means like 1 copy for me and 9 to hand out to friends...

$5 for Leg Up - sure thing.

If you did a free internet thing, I'm guessing it would go viral pretty fast. I would certainly forward to my friends, and so on, and so on...

Not sure what your situation is, but perhaps exposure on a massive scale might ultimately be more valuable/profitable to you and your starlette than the $5 DVDs...

"Too many films that looked too professional"? I can only think of one: Fast & Hard in the Wild West. Certainly there were several that were skillfully made. I didn't even line up equipment in time to film an entry this year, but seeing the field made me realize that I have a lot more work ahead of me than I thought to make one look good. Yes, this knowledge is intimidating. But no, I saw no shortage of amateur spirit on that screen.

Everyone in HUMP was at least 18+. We checked, and double checked.

When I met my boyfriend, he was 23 and looked 16. Some people are just... lucky that way.

I missed HUMP again because I was out of town, again. I'd gladly pay $5 or $10 to see Leg Up, which from the comments I've read was apparently quite funny.

It would be great if the movie makers could agree to have their films distributed on DVD, but maybe that creates too many issues of intellectual property, obscenity, and sharing of royalties to make it worthwhile. Although it could be a great fundraiser for some sex health organization(s).

I definitely want to see Get a Leg Up in Porn out there for the MASSES!

This weekend was so much fun but I was sorry to have missed the marathon movies that were not in the big theater. No one has mentioned anything about them. I want to know how they were. Any highlights?

OK, I'm asking out of total ignorance and curiosity... Where do the dollars generated by Hump go? Does NWFF benefit? Or is it just for profit for the Stranger? Or both? I'm guessing it was explained in the rules and what not, but I missed seeing them. I'm asking because there were SO MANY added screenings, where did all that extra money go? It would have been nice to use it to add a 4th and 5th place in the money, and maybe even further down the line if there were deserving entries. I know one of the entrants very well, and I know for certain that a large part of his motivation was hoping to share in some prize money. Every month is a struggle for him to make rent in your increasingly expensive city. He had never made a film before, and did all his own editing and sound, and he made it to the top 20. He still enjoyed the fuck out of the process (literally) and does not regret it, but he was also disappointed in the not so level playing field. Like him, I think it's unfair to have entries from professional directors/producers competing for the money shots, err spots. I have no problem with them entering, but I don't think they should be up for the same money as the true amateurs. I guess it just seems sad to me that all that money changed hands, and at least one of the entrants walked out with nothing and even had to sell one of his comp tickets (and yes he does have a day job - three of them). I know it's not all about the money. It's a beautifully conceived event, and it's fun, and enlightening, and just the kind of celebration of sex that needs to be present in Bushtorian America. But next year, maybe you could celebrate the sex and help some of Seattle's less fortunate artsy risk-taker types make rent and buy groceries. just my 2 cents

Due to popular demand, the HUMP 2nd place winning entry "Getting A Leg Up In Porn" is now available for sale on DVD! This is a spoof on those old 70's instructional filmstrips and had the audience roaring with laughter and boners at every showing.

These won't be mailed until monday Sept 25th because the guy who has the files on his computer is out of town until then. But we are accepting orders now while the demand is high.

It is $10 and that includes shipping. You can paypal your payment for however many copies you want to:

Paypal is the only way we are accepting orders at this time.

Also, to prove that this is not a scam, below are screen shots from the production. If you were at the screenings you will recognize them. Furthermore, Paypal is a safe way to transact as they have excellent fraud prevention practices. It seemed like the safest and most trusted way to sell these.

The actors in the film signed release forms allowing it to be shown outside of HUMP and they are both actors in the adult industry so fear not that we are ruining the lives of hapless preschool teachers.

Spread the word! Your favorite (or 2nd favorite as the case may be) HUMP entry is available on DVD!

what is it with everyone messing up the title of my film? it's CUM ON LUV! not come on love or come on luv or cum on love. what ever happened to integrity and respect for artistic choices? when prince became that nameless guy people just couldn't respect him enough to call him... uh... whatever it was he was calling himself, but my film's title is perfectly pronouncable, WHY CAN'T ANYONE REMEMBER IT?

And another thing... how cum whenever anybody mentions Prince in a blog everybody starts giggling like little girls or like i said something funny?


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