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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Goat Wife

Posted by on September 14 at 10:24 AM

The Decemeberists’ new record is titled The Crane Wife, and is based on a folk tale from Japan.

Is it too late to rename it The Goat Wife, based on this news story from Sudan?

This will, of course, require some rewriting. I humbly offer the following stanza (with a little gratuitous French because the Decemberists are fruity like that):

O! Goat wife! How I cling to thee.
O! Goat wife! I paid a fifty-dollar fee.
Me and goat wife cuddle when it gets chilly.
Mais oui we’ll name our first son Billy.

Goat wife!

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If you shelled out some dough for the 826 benefit you got to hear Colin perform the original live, which was fabulous and surpasses the studio track by far.

Wikipedia has an entry for an album the wee widdle Decemberists haven't even yet released.
Dylan promotes his new album by saying the music that you buy isn't anywhere near as good as being in the studio.
Fnarf is funnier than all of the stranger writers put together!
A surprise add to the the ne TV Season: a real time behind the scenes account of the terribly exciting Booker Awards.
awwww, a boy and his bicycle.
Time For Lunch: hmmmm, where can i get a fancy cappucino for less than a dollar?

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