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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Drug Bust on 11th Ave

Posted by on September 12 at 21:23 PM

Leaving the office this evening, I was walking east on Olive between 11th and 12th when I heard someone behind me shout, “GET DOWN! GET DOWN NOW!

I turned and saw a cop on a bike chasing down a shaggy, shirtless dude wearing a backpack. The cop kept yelling as they guy scrambled to get away. The officer dropped his bike and started after him on foot. After a somewhat Benny Hill (or perhaps Bo Logan)-esque circular chase around the fringes of Cal Anderson Park, the cop tackled the guy onto the street with a sickening crunch. The guy managed to squirm free, but was quickly tackled again on the sidewalk just as 5 or 6 more bike cops and about 7 police cars pulled up, sirens blaring.

They pinned the guy down with a knee in his back and aggressively handcuffed him. The original officer had the guy by the hair and didn’t let go until they had him in the squad car. He kept asking the guy “why he was doing heroin,” and remarked that he, “could smell the heroin on [you].”

It occurred to me a little late that I had my camera with me (I don’t normally carry it), so I snapped some photos of the end of the melee.



This last one was taken with my cell phone earlier in the battle, while they had him pinned down and before I realized I had my real camera in my bag. It doesn’t show any detail, but I think it’s a cool photo anyway. I think the cop on the right might have his gun drawn.


From where I stood (10 feet away), the cops were a bit overly aggressive, but not criminally so. They certainly could have been more restrained, particularly the lead tackle, but he was clearly pretty pumped up from the chase and face plant into the asphalt.

Moral:Running from the cops is stupid. They’re going to catch you, and they’re going to be pissed that you ran.

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Bro needs a haircut...

Not only will they catch you, but they'll add a charge of resisting arrest.

But the burning question here is: "what DOES heroin smell like?" I mean, is it a sort of B.O., coming out the the pores type smell? Or more of a "I haven't brushed my teeth in two weeks - AND I just ate a pound of garlic" kind of breath odor?

And in any case, is "heroin smell" grounds for a probable cause bust?

Capitol Hill is the new Fife

Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do etc

Comte, it's just like the smell of a celebrity or supermodel after midnight.

dude looks like Dave Grohl (or however that is spelled).

I'm really into bright sunshine these days. In the 3rd pic, can you guys do some photoshop blurring of the scenery?

You're lucky Seattle's "finest" didn't arrest you for Obstruction.

busting junkies in that park is the least spd can do, really. i mean it is a half block away from the east precinct, an irony that always amused me.


So, you're saying "heroin smell" is pretty similar to "cocaine smell", but without the undertones of Courvoisier and Turkish tobacco?

"could have been less aggressive?"

Tony, that's a shitty thing to say. Have you ever had to approach someone on drugs with the intent to restrain them? I'm a bouncer. You get fucked up in my club and I do what it takes to get you out and keep myself and my customers from not getting hurt. People on drugs can react with surprising strength and be very unpredictable.

Who are you to tell those guys, who put themselves in danger, what to do? Just keep on your way to Vivace, have a Cafe Nico and a smile, and shut the fuck up.

Black tar heroin has a pervasive vinegar smell. I don't doubt they could smell it on him.

Wow, Bri, that seems a bit harsh. I didn't tell anybody what to do. That's what you're doing.


1. You misquoted me.
2. I didn't say they used excessive force, only that they could have been more restrained. They were aggressive long after the danger to themselves or anyone else had passed. The man was pinned on the ground and handcuffed, being held by 4 or 5 men. At that point, the aggression can be toned down a bit. It's not necessary to grind his face into the sidewalk.
3. I don't drink coffee.

And Brian, don't ever call him "Tony."

Capitol Hill is definitely the new Fife, I agree. Or perhaps Milton, in the right light.

Does this have anything to do with 12 between John & Thomas being shut down all last night by the police?

Now Anthony, listen to Brian, he knows what he's talkig about because he's a bouncer.

It's common knowledge that heroin gives junkies the strength of 10 elephants and the indomitable will of the mighty ocean.

Our heroes in blue should be afforded all manner of recourse available to them when apprehending one of these deceptively sleepy looking public threats.

Why, I was nearly forced to make eye contact with one of them when he asked for some change just a few days ago!

Weep not for these woebegone doormats of Capitol Hill, but for our misunderstood champion whose calling it is to daily leave the safety of Woodinville and venture into the natural habitat of these abominables with the temerity of Steve Irwin (God rest his soul)and the puissance of Thor, that you may walk to work in safety.

You have no idea how lucky you are. You could've been struck down by the man's aroma alone if not for the intervention of Seattle's finest!

Is that guy why Neumo's smelled so bad when The Melvins played the other night?

I walked by as they were picking this guy up, mere yards from youngsters playing soccer (or staring at the fracas when they were supposed to be practicing). My friend and I heard the officers, while forcing this man to his feet, say the following rather humorous sentence:
"Stand up and WALK mister!"
Mister?? Was that word for the benefit of the kids? Who the fuck says 'mister' these days?

I also heard them say, in response to him saying he was in pain, 'You would run just fine a minute ago.'
Yea - that was before he was pounced on by a 200lb officer.

Don't get me wrong - run from angry cops and you get what's coming (w/i reason). I just like seeing the humor in others tragedy I guess.

"Word," you're close. Methteeth was the predominant costume of the night at the Melvins/Big Business show. Cat piss the cologne. I long for the day when they alienate each failed sports hero and professional "bro" with a 20 minute wall of noise set opener.

xo, Sweet Willy Rollbar!

Does this make Buzzo the new Lou Reed?

Have you ever had to approach someone on drugs with the intent to restrain them?


People on drugs can react with surprising strength and be very unpredictable.

Brian, you really show your ignorance when you refer to "drugs" collectively like that. There's nothing you can accurately say about "people on drugs" in general other than that they are under the influence of some chemical substance.

The effect on people of alcohol, for instance, is generally quite different than that of other depressants, or of stimulants, hallucinogens, entheogens, muscle relaxants, cannabis, cough syrup, or aspirin.

To lump these substances and other together as "drugs" is ridiculous. Your comment makes you sound like a D.A.R.E. drone or a DEA propagandist. Please go educate yourself.

@Phil: Yes, techinically drugs have different effects, but I think if you're a bouncer and have to kick somebody out and suspect they're high on some kind of drug, you're not going to patiently take a urine sample and wait for the results. You're not going to ask the guy to fill out a survey. You're going to toss the fucker out as quickly as possible.

I used to live at 11th and Denny. That area was going in the tubes when I left 3 years ago, and it doesn't look like it's come back yet.

techinically drugs have different effects

Yes... on that point, we agree...

but I think if you're a bouncer and have to kick somebody out and suspect they're high on some kind of drug, you're not going to patiently take a urine sample and wait for the results.

I agree with that, too. In fact, if you're a bouncer and have to kick someone out, you're not likely to patiently or unpatiently take a urine sample regardless of whether you suspect he's under the influence of any drug.

How does this relate to what I wrote about Brian showing his ignorance (as in "he doesn't know what he's talking about in this case" not "he's a moron") by saying something about what "people on drugs" are like? I'm not trying to be argumentative, but I don't understand your point. What that I wrote are you disputing?

Not to take on someone else's argument, Phil, but the your entire argument hinges on the accusation that Brian lumps all people on drugs together and therefore knows nothing about drugs or people who are high because different drugs have differing effects on people. As a bouncer, he probably isn't entirely savvy on the ins and outs of pharmacology. However, it is equally possible that you are being unnecessarily nit-picky in your need to have Brian list all the chemical substances that have negative impact on people's behavior to accept that he may have a valid point.

The issue isn't pharmacology, it's the context of being in a situation where someone is obviously out of control and exhibiting signs of intoxication - regardless of the sources of intoxicant. As such, Brian has a point about it being a dangerous situation. The autonomic response to a dangerous situation is a dump of adrenaline in the system, which makes every human react in defense of themselves whether by running away or fighting. Unfortunately, law enforcement are in the unenviable position of having to chase and/or fight back. As such, while the law enforcement officers are experiencing an adrenaline high having caught their perp, they may be more violent than is strictly necessary. This is part of why it's always a bad idea to run.

If you've got your head up and your eyes open, you know whether the intoxicated party is a threat or not. What's so important about spinning this? You are trying to convince me that a trained cop or a professional bouncer can't tell that this junky is less of a threat than bubbles the rhino?

You need a piss test to tell the drunks, stoners, cokeheads, waterheads and hypes apart? Then what're you doing in this line of work? Go get some more training. Do you know to apply the brakes when the light turns red or are you still struggling with that one too? Does everyone have to use their determination to run their entire worklife on autopilot as an excuse for doing a subpar job?

I'm sorry but I've worked security too and I just don't agree with the attitude that you've gotta kick ass 100% of the time. Motherfucker is nodding out, not rampaging and you wanna put your knee in his back?

I guess, Captain America. You get 'em.

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