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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Die, Vincent, Die!

Posted by on September 14 at 13:22 PM

Not really. That’s mean to tell someone to die. But did anyone else throw up in their mouth a little bit when it became clear that both Angela and Vincent had the opportunity to return to the show?!

I almost turned off the TV.

Then I remembered they’re bad designers and they didn’t have a chance in hell in winning the challenge, let alone making an even slightly great cocktail dress. Especially with Michael on the case. His dress was so hot.

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eww. his voice, his haircut, that dress, his insane belief in his ability...

what was his final quote? something about making beautiful music, and he does it so well? it was amazing. can anyone come away from watching that show, and think that he could make anything worth while.

notice that when angela left, they said that they believed in her talent, but that she didn't show it. when vincent left, just "bye now."

angela, on the whole, really didn't bother me that much. her stuff was a little hippy dippy, but she seems like a relatively decent person. vincent, i agree, needs to die.

It was horrifying seeing them back again, but it was worth it in the end to see them suffer once more. They both struck out even more resoundingly than ever -- Angela with her Value Village costume-rack vampiress outfit and her box purse stuffed with her tragic, unusable scraps; Vincent freaking out after they threw his model under a bicycle and replaced her at the last second with a girl two sizes larger. Priceless!

Michael's dress DID look hot as hell; I had my doubts when they showed him working on the belt earlier, but by the time it hit the runway it was fabulous. WHITE DRESSES, PEOPLE! Duh. Especially when you have a black model. I do think Laura's win was justified, though.

We will miss Kayne's pornographic cheekbones and his trashy esthetic, but he did have to go. Not even Jeffrey's "$120 per hour GFE in/out call" skank outfit was as bad.

Yeah, once they explained the rules, I realized it was just a quick visit for Vincent and Angela. Jeffrey, on the other hand, almost fucked up royally with another of his predictable rock 'n roll creations. Michael's still the best by far and Laura is staking her claim on that third spot. Bye Kane! Bye Uli (next week)!

I throw up a little in my mouth whenever I read that phrase; so having them back on the show was doubly vomitous. Really, it almost seemed unkind to bring them back since they had no chance of winning. Apparently the remaining designers just weren't interesting enough for the producers to let them have an extra episode of character development.

Either Uli or Jeffery needs to go next week. I detest Jeffery but I really don't want to see an entire collection of Miama beachwear flowing dresses by Uli.

Best. Mind. Fuck. Ever.

For all his trash talk, I think having Angela back really threw Jeffrey off his game--not that I think his dress would have been better without Angela around, but I think a lot of his energy was spent focused on her and not on the job at hand. And as someone better versed than I blogged earlier "Sure she looked like a hooker, but at the very least a well paid hooker with a pimp who only beats her up occasionally..." (via

Poor, Kayne......

What happened to everyone predicting Uli, Jeffrey and Michael as the final 3? I thing Jeffrey and Michael will still make it. Jeffrey goes into the final competition having been on the chopping block and given the advice to come up with something else. Uli, though, wasn't given any such feedback to her face. She might get the axe next week.

Next week will be interesting. The last challenge in the previous seasons saw the designers playing it very safe because each time someone famous was going to wear the winning outfit. Will they do that again?

I used to love Uli but I am sick to death of her beachy madness. She needs to go back to Miami and please all the sun bunnies she caters to.
Viva Michael!

I used to love Uli but I am sick to death of her beachy madness. She needs to go back to Miami and please all the sun bunnies she caters to.
Viva Michael!

I'm scared for Uli. I just watched the online preview for next weeks episode and it's another colorful, low neck line halter dress. Come on girl, get it together!

And I still think Angela is a sweetheart!

I didn't care about Angela coming back until I saw her dress. That BDSM/Snow White/"Edwardian" collar just made me ill, but damn was I glad to see Vincent humiliated yet again.

Poor Kayne though. I liked his dress.

Uli's gone. I'm suprised noone has picked up on the glaring spoiler that they've been airing since the first friggen episode. This whole season was ruined because of one promo spot that shows you the last 3 designers.

Imagine my horror when I turned on PR during the last ~15 minutes (of the midnight repeat) and saw Vincent and Angela standing on the runway during the critique!

Me: "Vincent? Is this a re-run? No, I don't recognize that dress. Did I miss an episode? Impossible. What the hell? This can only mean .... they let Vincent back in! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh." See, I didn't know he needed to win to stick around. They repeated the episode right after (lucky me) so I stayed up an extra hour just to see the entire thing. I would've preferred knowing ahead of time he needed to win. :P

This was one of the dumbest episodes of PR ever. Such a dull challenge. I guess they figure the remaining designers are too boring and so they felt they had to reintroduce Vincent and Angela. That might have been a little interesting if either had a chance of hell of winning, but it was obvious they were just going to get kicked off immediately. The only real highlight was Jeffrey's design -- possibly the worst ever dress in the show's history?

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