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Monday, September 11, 2006

Dan Savage, We Hardly Knew Ye

Posted by on September 11 at 9:24 AM


The red monitor on the east side has been completely hollowed out (95% less toxic!), and has this message on top:


If they can’t nail Dan for bringing weed into the mayor’s office, they may get him yet for incitement to littering.

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This is just perfect! Guerilla art at its finest!

I am... honored. I don't know what to say...

And you didn't have shut the city down for a year to build THIS sculpture park!

Maybe unlike Myrtle Edwards Park, this park can be a sculpture park and Hempfest venue at the same time.

Dan Savage is the only real journalist in Seattle. We're lucky to have him. We love you Dan!

Well, we all know how to get Dan's attention now....

Anyone still think that original pile was art? THIS is art.

goddammit, i love this city.

I totally hope Dan Savage actually gets a park or something named after him. How about Freeway Park, it has a pretty lame name; "Savage Park" would have irony value, too, given how concrete and sterile the place is. Or, maybe one of the unofficial nude beaches around - that might be more appropriate.

What does that last tire say?


It says "scultpure park"

Or, if I could spell this morning "sculpture"

Now THAT if f-ing funny! I hope that gets left there for a while.

Thanks for posting this. I've been going out of my way to check out the space before work but I was running late this morning.

I still say all of Seattle should write his name in on the Congressional ballot.

Dan is truly an inspirational force. Whether I always agree or not, he makes me smile. We are lucky to have him.

That post, #17, is not by me, but by Paul the Imposter.

A couple of old tires and a fucked up tv monitor is an appropriate memorial for my humble opinion.

I, too, love this city. LOVE it. And I'm very pleased to live near this newly-entertaining traffic circle. :D

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