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Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Posted by on September 6 at 14:07 PM

Via the NYT:

The Metropolitan Opera announced today that it would begin broadcasting live performances into movie theaters across the United States, Canada and Britain, rubbing shoulders with professional wrestling and rock concerts.

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Fuck yeah!

Cinerama, here we come!

And maybe the Egyptian?

Cinerama would be awesome but it would interfere with big weekend releases, especially at xmastime.

About fucking time.

On the other hand, jeez, what about going to the Seattle Opera? I think this is cool but have ambivalence similiar to my feelings about KEXP. It still makes me kind of sad when I hear about people pledging money to KEXP. Maybe they also pledge to their local indie radio but probably not.

Yeah, but Seattle Opera tickets range from $51 to $134. That's a lot of damn money, and it lets a large portion of the potential audience out.

Noone listens to KEXP anymore. We all listen to KNHC 89.5 or KUOW 94.9.

KEXP sold out when they switched from KCMU.

I'd rather get a chance to see it at the Cinerama for $12, quite frankly.

I wonder if they'll be selling Opcorn at the concession stands.

It will be nice to be able watch opera on a screen wide enough to capture the lead singers in all of their corpulence. The on screen girth will no doubt inspire levels of popcorn eating seldom seen outside of midwestern living rooms. Popcorn and Puccini will surely be a hit.

To J - I was a Seattle Opera subscriber while I was still in town, and I'm now an Opera Colorado and a Central City Opera subscriber now that I'm back home. Why do you think that someone wouldn't do both (see the Met at their movie house and go to the local opera)?

Cinerama would be cool. But the Paramount or the 5th Avenue would be Awesome!

Or even better yet… how about the IMAX! Oh yeah! I vote IMAX! With that sound system it would be like you were wedged between the fat lady’s tits! And the big comfy chairs would keep my skinny ass from getting sore!

I will still keep my season tickets to the Seattle Opera though… nothing like being there!

Also, it's been leaked that the Met has ended its radio broadcasting woes by striking a deal with Sirius Satellite Radio that will allow the Met to broadcast--not one a week--but FIVE. Five live broadcasts every week, during the season. This will supplement another plan that will make many, many of the Met performances available through iTunes. Gelb is about to help birth a whole new era for opera.

Except for the fact that the Met's productions are top-heavy and artistically mediocre, this is a great idea. Honestly, the Seattle Opera is ten times more interestig (except for Jane Eaglen -- She needs to lose about 800 pounds to be remotely appealing as an actress. As it is she can barely walk. Deborah Voight proved once and for all that you can have a huge, glorious voice and be the size of a human being, rather than an elephant.)

C'mon Jonathan, you know you want to see Jane Eaglen as Salome...

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