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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Boeing - protecting freedom with robots

Posted by on September 21 at 11:10 AM

Boeing won a Homeland Security contract to build a high-tech “virtual fence” along the Mexico/Arizona border. Republicans are hell-bent on building a high security fence along the southern border, but physical structures are highly controversial.

The Boeing plan uses radar, video cameras and unmanned robot airplanes to patrol the border, instead of building a tangible Jurassic Park-style fence. The Dept. of Homeland Security tab for the project is $2 billion, which the government can afford since Bush cut $4 billion from less important programs like the Dept of Education, EPA and Dept. of Housing.

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It's Checkpoint Charlie 2!

I predict this will be just as effective as the Maginot Line, the Berlin Wall, and the Great Wall of China. Only it won't be as interesting to future tourists as the Great Wall, nor as politically inspiring to tear down as the Berlin Wall. I will also predict that enterprising Mexicans will bypass this "fence" as easily as the Germans blew past the Maginot Line.

In other words, this is a complete and total waste of tax dollars. The only thing to note is that Boeing will profit from it, rather than Halliburton.

I find it interesting that we can afford to pay Boeing $2 Billion, but we can't seem to afford to hire more border patrol agents. Who is Boeing going to call after their contraption detects something? How many technicians will it take to keep these towers operating? Wouldn't it be cheaper to just hire border patrol agents.

The use of radar is really interesting. Can Boeing tell the difference between a white tailed deer or elk and someone crossing the border? And wouldn't we have to bulldoze a half mile wide swath across thousands of miles of our border for the radar to work?

Coolaqua, stop using logic. All you need is faith.

You guys need to cut this out.

This post reeks of haughty contempt for solving complex social problems with killer robots. This arrogant belief in robot-free solutions is a little thing I like to call "humanbris."

Anyone who can read the writing on the wall knows that a coming generation of robots will ascend to overlordship of the globe due to their massive networked intelligence combined with the ability to shoot missiles out of their hands

Your smug and dismissive comments toward robot-kind will be remembered forever in their perfect perfect perfect digital memories.

If we want to obtain any of the favorable posts in the coming society (such as dancing for our masters' amusement or simply serving as a favored pet) we must show the reverence due to these truly superior life forms.

The Stranger has been at the forefront of robot bashing with posts like this and its poor review of the movie Stealth. But the Champagne days are almost over. I know that I'll feel vindicated when Sarah Mirk is assigned to a lifetime of labor in the salt mines. That'll wipe the S. Mirk off her face.

No, this is going to be a huge success for Boeing, like Connexion was.

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