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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bob Casey: What the Fuck?

Posted by on September 12 at 18:51 PM

Confidential to Bob Casey: Do you want my money or not, Bob? When I gave you that $2100 check, you were so grateful. Then you sent it back. I just wasn’t civil enough for you. Today I open my mail and find this:


(Click here for the larger version.)

So what it’s going to be, Bob? Do you want my money or not?

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Welcome to modern political fundraising, where it is absolutely impossible to get off ANYONE's mailing list short of using nuclear explosives.

Dan -

Do you really not understand how campaigns work (yours was one of probably 10,000 mailers dropped) or were you simply looking for another excuse to post a Savage-centric entry?

Yes, we're all very impressed that you're so "dangerous" and "controversial" that you had a donation returned. Now will you please get over yourself and move on.

You could always give money to Angie Paccione (D). She's running against Repug Marilyn Musgrave. Remember her on TV during the gay marriage hoopla in San Francisco a couple of years ago? She was so condescending to SF Mayor Gavin Newsom. I really want Musgrave to lose and it looks like it could happen this year.

Unless that's your work address (and honestly, I don't know), may want to cover that address up before you're crawling over Dan Fans by the dozen to get your mail every afternoon.

That said, HA HA, campaign workers aren't always the brightest of bulbs. I bet the worker handling the mass mailers has never read Slog in his/her life.

That's true Dan. Musgrave's vulnerable.

Ever thought of having your partner donate instead?

Perhaps he's joined the hair-club for men and needs the extra money.

I agree...this line is wearing thin. The fact is, fundraising is hard work, there's never enough time to be as diligent with lists as the campaign would like, most of the work is done by, when the Press goes after stories like this, they pat themselves on the back as though they've done some real journalism. But, alas, all they've done is shown how difficult it is to run a campaign today.

yeah well...meanwhile NPR reported this evening that although santorum's numbers aren't going up, casey's lead is declining significantly and santorum has waaaay more $$ than maybe he'll take a check this time.

Gomez, that would in fact appear to be the address for Stranger WHQ, right next door to Value Village.

And hey, I could sure use $2,100, and furthermore, I promise NOT to run for office, by which I can also assure you there will be no promises made that I'm not able to keep after the elections are over.

Email me, and I'll tell you where to send the check.

RE:Growing Tired of the Ego

Jeez grow a sense of humor will ya guys? Anyway, I thought this was hiliarious. And for that matter, how many $2,000 donations get returned especially for a reason similar to Dan's case? Not many, I'd think.

In which case, I'd sure as hell make sure those people are removed from the mailing list or whatever

Dan gives to candidates pretty regularly. They might have gotten his name again at his work address from another campaign he's given to.

Okay, cool. Again, I didn't know exactly where near Cal Anderson Park the Stranger offices were... not that I plan on paying any visits.

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