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Friday, September 15, 2006

Benny the (Alleged) Rock Chucker

Posted by on September 15 at 15:10 PM

Remember Benny, the rock-balancing street artist that Fremont can’t decide whether to love or to hate?

Now a neighborhood resident named Andy Chapman is considering pressing charges after getting beaned in the skull (allegedly) by one of Benny’s stones.

It happened last Sunday, around 2 a.m., as Andy was walking home from the Red Door with some friends. “We saw some fratty dudes harrassing Benny across the street from the Ballroom,” Andy said. “And we said to them, ‘Yeah, real nice, making fund of the homeless guy.’ Then Benny flipped out on us—he was wasted and I don’t know if it was the fact that I called him homeless or what—and called us faggots and we said whatever and left.”

Then, according to Andy, Benny knocked over one of his statues and hucked a rock “the size of a baked potato” at Andy, who was around 15 feet away. “I saw it coming, I tried to duck out of the way, but I couldn’t,” he said. Andy wound up in the hospital, getting four staples in his scalp.

According to the police report, “the suspect” was arrested and also had to go to the hospital: “During the commotion someone shoved the suspect to the sidewalk causing him to hit his head… He was sent to the hospital for stitches.”

Andy, who regularly sees and says hello to Benny, says he wants to help the guy but he also wants to press charges. “I took a rock to the head,” he said. “I gotta try to make something positive out of it.”

As yet, Benny (who the police report lists as a “transient”) could not be reached for his version of events.

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Smell homeless people who urinate on our public streets and threaten families and children should be in jail. I hope they lock him up for a long, long, time.

Then there's the guy who was going nutso at the 7-11 one block away just a week ago ...

You non-residents may "love" them, but you don't have to live with them. We do.

I don't think they should be locked up - but I had heard that Benny had gone away due to an assault once before. So, I'm not that surprised it happened again.

I blame the Mayor for cracking down on homeless people in ultra-rich neighborhoods with these no-drink zones that makes them move out to our areas like Fremont, Wallingford, and Ballard.

Hey Andy, please do us all a favor and press charges. That guy's a menace. I'm sick of being scared of him.

That's what you get for drinking at the Red Door. And closing down the dump. What a loser.

yeah, go for it, Andy. He's usually ok, but sometimes he scares the little girl down the block ...

I heard Benny screaming "FAGGOT!" about 50 times last night and anyone in a 20-yard radius.

Aside from being insulting, I thought he was harmless, but now I can see that he's not. Throwing a large rock at someone is dangerous. Next time it could be an old lady or something and she probably wouldn't get by with a few staples...

Benny is a true artist expressing himself through street art. I for one happen to enjoy his rock statues. I think that this Andy guy should consider wearing a helmet if he intends to rile up Benny in the future. Sounds like a real pussy to me.

i suggest that those of you in favor of benny and his "rock art" (wow, what a skill, stacking stones..i'm impressed) try to put yourself in andy's position - he took a fucking potatoe-sized rock to the head from 15 ft. away! that's insane! do you know what that would feel like? not good. andy could be blind or toothless or retarded himself thanks to this benny character and his antics. personally i don't care if you're a retarded rock stacker, if you can't chill on the street and stay focused on your fucking game of rock jenga, then you need to go...hurling rocks at innocent drinkers isn't what being a citizen of seattle is all about.

press 'em andy. you may not want to, but you prolly didn't want to wake up one morning with some staples in your head either.

For people who are more concerned with what bar Andy was drinking at and what kind of art Benny is involved with, you likely have your heads too far up you asses to hear my comments so this post is for the rest of you. With a large stone thrown to the head, the risk of serious injury, and even death, is very real. Fortunately, it sounds like Andy was "lucky" to come away with only staples in his head, but a slightly different hit and a intracranial bleed would not have been hard to come buy. If we were reading about an accidental death caused by Benny, this issue would seem more serious. As with the majority of the posters, I agree, charges should be pressed to protect the public. It's too bad that Andy was assaulted while trying to protect a guy from some preying frat-heads. . .

These marginal types like Benny belong in jail. I didn't move here from Cleveland, pay $750,000 for a condo to smell urine and have rocks pitched at my friends.

To those of you who've posted insults directed at Andy (the vicim), you are the only ones who come across as imbeciles. It really is a much larger issue than just a homeless man ("true artist") assaulting an innocent person. And the fact that Andy lives in Fremont and drinks at the Red Door is completely besides the point.

I took Andy to the hospital and watched while they stitched the huge gash (about 2" inches wide and who knows how deep)in his head. Andy's a great guy and should be commended for actually speaking up and defending Benny. Most people would have walked by without saying a word--especially in this passive aggressive city! Benny's act is indefensible and criminal.

The larger issue is that Benny is just one among the hundreds of mentally ill homeless people who have been dumped on the streets because our city (and nation) does not care enough to invest in proper facilities for the mentally ill. Just hang out in the Harborview ER sometime. Or check out Pioneer Square.

Benny was arrested and even the attending nurse commented that he would probably be released immediately because the police don't know what do with transients either.

It's really just a sad commentary on the moral/legal responsibility of our city's (and nation's) elected officials and an even more pathetic commentary on the citizens of this city who truly believe that these people are just harmless, folk just trying to express themselves artistically!

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