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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Bad Dog! Bad!

Posted by on September 6 at 8:26 AM

It appears that we’re not the only species that appreciates good BC Bud. Via RawStory:

A Vancouver veterinarian who runs a 24-hour emergency clinic says she treats a surprising number of dogs who have overdosed on marijuana or other illicit drugs.

Dr. Suann Hosie says many of them have consumed large amounts of pot from their owners’ stashes.

“They sometimes hallucinate. Certainly on marijuana, they have a dry mouth, their pupils are dilated, they stagger. They act just so weird that the panicky owner brings them in.”

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How do you know if a dog is hallucinating?

I knew some guys who bought a pit bull puppy to be their guard dog when he grew up, and to warn them if cops were coming to bust them, but at about two months, he hate a sheet of blotter, and ceased moving. He didn't die. He just didn't move anymore. If they put food in front of him, he'd eat it, same with water, and they took him outside so he could pee and poop, but he didn't move. When the inevitable drug bust did come, not only was he totally useless in warning them, but the cops had to physically lift him up off the couch to search it.

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