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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Arts in America (and Britain)

Posted by on September 6 at 14:02 PM

Pop quiz!

Was the United States’ “postwar satire boom” a revolutionary movement? Author Stephen E. Kercher says yes.

Did the Arctic Monkeys make the best record by a British or Irish artist in 2006? The jurors for Britain’s Mercury Prize say yes.

When you’re dead, will you have a friend and ex-lover to talk about you as lovingly as Patti Smith talks about Robert Mapplethorpe in today’s London Times? Cross your fingers.

Am I alone in my freakishly high estimation of music critic Robert Christgau, who was fired last week from the Village Voice? Thanks to Slate’s Jody Rosen, I am not.

And finally, how come Seattle doesn’t have any parks that Meryl Streep does plays in?

Who knows, but here’s something fun to do tonight anyway:

Ruff Gemz (CLUB NIGHT) Ruff Gemz is DJ Fucking in the Streets, DJ Porq, and Sam Rousso’s new vehicle to move rock kids’ asses to unpredictable sounds. Happening the first and third Wednesdays of the month, Ruff Gemz hopes to achieve this noble goal by testing the Baltic’s dope sound system with electro, mutant disco, punk funk, rock remixes, and some weird tangents to keep you off-balance. Plus, $1.50 PBRs and $3 drink specials. (Baltic Room, 1207 E Pine St, 625-4444. 9 pm, free till 11 pm, $3 after, 21+.) DAVE SEGAL

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ie. Ed Banger records

Christgau being fired by the Voice tells me that what I heard was happening to them is true.

Some very lucky paper is going to benefit, and New Times can go fall over.

You are not alone in your freakishly high estimation of Christgau, but you should be. He's not a writer, he's a word Cuisinart.

I agree with the outdoor theater comment.

Why don't we hit Paul Allen up to build a replica of the Globe theater, or the theater at Athens, somewhere convenient - like by the Armory in SLU, or over at the Ballard Locks?

And then do NY one better and sponsor a Seattle-wide, or maybe even world-wide, dramatic competition to take place there, like a modern-day Athens?

My own submission in the next year or two would be an updated version of Shakespeare's Pericles, with its (not very well known) political subtext pointing directly at Bush.

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