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Monday, September 25, 2006

And Some People Think I Have a Problem With Bisexuality…

Posted by on September 25 at 16:51 PM

Christmas is coming!

Well, that’s what the publishing PR flacks stuffing our snail mail boxes with press packs about new releases keep telling us.

And for the bisexuals with a sense of humor on your Christmas list—there are dozens on mine, Lord knows—can I suggest this new title? Schizophrenia: The Bearded Lady Disease. Author J. Michael Mahoney has a theory about bisexuality, one that is sure to amuse and delight bisexuals everywhere. From the press release:

Mahoney has spent 36 years investigating these problems, and his conclusion is that severe unconscious bisexual conflict and confusion lie at the root of all mental illness.

“The more severe the bisexual conflict and confusion in the individual,” he writes, “the more severe the degree of the mental illness which is experienced.”

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Well, this theory makes sense. Everyone's a little crazy. And everyone's a little bi -- at least, if they needed to be.

Remember, at the genetic level, it's just DNA and RNA, and a lot of what you think important - well, it's not.

Buy them some chocolate. Everyone likes that ...

So, is the corollary then that, if I am consciously and unambiguously bisexual, that my mental health must then be perfect?

Well, there ya have it.

The author has no credentials. The publisher is a vanity press. And the book itself is just a collection of quotes (as if "somebody said this" proves anything). Sad.

I looked at his website. I'm as annoyed by bisexuals as much as the next guy, but schizophrenia? What a load of crap.

Holy shit! I, too, have a theory about bi-sexuality:

Bi now, gay later.


What Geni said. Except that I'm legally batshit crazy. I think my bisexuality is the least of my worries and I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with my batshittedness.

That. Is. So. Stupid.

I...I...I really have no more words.

Sigh. What a world.

Bisexuality is the ideal state. Bi love allows me to offer both my flower and my seed. As it was in ancient times, so it is now. Bi-phobia is a cancer on both "hetero" and "homo" sexuals

I myself have never understood why people have a problem with bisexuals. Is it so bad to want to bang everything that walks? Sheesh!

Sexuality is a spectrum. Gay, bisexual and heterosexual are the best we've got so far to try and describe/understand something that's not so concrete.

I really tire though, of the hippy-esque, spritually-correct notion that bisexuality is "perfect". Get over yourself.

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