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Monday, August 14, 2006

When Do HUMP Tickets Go On Sale?

Posted by on August 14 at 16:57 PM


I had a question about HUMP 2. I am interested in viewing the screenings but haven’t seen anything about tickets, prices, or when they will be sold. If we should buy ahead of time or anything so I was looking for general info about viewing if not participating. Thanks—Sarah

You haven’t seen anything about purchasing tickets for HUMP, Sarah, because we haven’t said anything—online or in the paper—about when, where, and how to get your hands on tickets. I can’t give you all the details just now but I can tell you this: HUMP goes down September 8-9 at Northwest Film Forum, and tickets go on sale on Wednesday, August 23rd. Details about purchasing tickets will be announced just as soon as possible.

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how much or about how much will tickets be.If you can't say, how much was it last year? I'm broke but want to save enough to attend.

Thank You!!!

excited viewer

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It's Aug 23rd. Where do I get my tickets?


Tickets???? Details...purchasing...???


I just called the Stranger and they said tomorrow (8/25) Brown Paper Tickets will have them. URL:

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