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Thursday, August 10, 2006

What Would Her Father Think?

Posted by on August 10 at 15:20 PM


Well, we’ll never know, but this is what a Frances Bean photo shoot looks like.

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she is so cute and every interview i read with her is really fascinating. she seems fairly normal considering the horrible circumstances she has grown up in. it really is sad her mom is bat-shit fucking crazy.

Bat-shit fucking crazy, certainly, but also a whip-smart, headstrong survivalist, so hopefully that's given the Bean some sense of strength.

I'd hit it!

I'll stick with bat-shit crazy, thanks. The idea that Love is some kind of paragon of strength is goofy.

But I'm not sure what's happening here -- why is Frances Bean in Elle? Why are we looking at her picture? What are her accomplishments compared to, say, Paris Hilton?

I'm not saying Love is inherently strong, but watching her get up over and over again--whether she was knocked down by the media or by her own stupid behavior--might make her kid pretty resilient by proxy.

I haven't seen the print issue in its entirety yet, but I think it's just a fashion shoot, probably with a brief profile.

Woah-- she looks just like her mother.

i have to wonder how much of this is frances' idea and how much of it is her mother's.

courtney love is a diabolical woman and, as documented many times over the years, an unfit mother. i think it's fair to assume that much of frances' strength comes from the cadre of nannies that have raised her throughout the years.

Resilient, my ass. If she wasn't constantly resuscitated by her dead husband's fortune, she'd be dead by now.

if this was my mother: i would be pretty scarred.

Courtney Love is a survivalist? Like she lives in the woods in Idaho with a bunch of guns and canned food?

That she sold out? That's what he'd think.

But, hey, thanks for the image of Courtney , Aric, that almost made me ROFL.

How easy would it be to be a female musician who is also Kurt Cobain's wife?? The man was a tortured genius in a man's world. Courtney Love held her own in mainstream hard-rock (read: majorly male-dominated). That is an uphill publicity battle if there ever was one. No other woman has yet been able to succeed Love with an album that is so feminist and also so mainstream. It is classic sexism that everyone blames a creative woman for her husband's demise. Also, Kurt most likely actually loved and admired his wife with whom he had a child.

Oh please. I knew Courtney when she was just another skank on Broadway. She's a canniving, manipulative, abusive, ruthless BITCH. She was also quite possibly the worst mother in the history of mothers before the state-imposed nanny took the reins.

There are TONS of non-drug-addicted, non-violently crazy, non-megalomaniacal women in bands who are all a million times cooler than Courtney Freakin' Love. Most of them are more interesting musicians. The only person who blames her for her husband's demise is Richard Lee, who's even nuttier than she is. I just blame her for being repellent in every conceivable way. Her records suck, too.

You want a strong woman bandleader? Try Amelia Fletcher.

sigh. Is a tortured genius someone who makes great art from isolation? Seems more like alchemy than art.
And Courtney DID kill him. Rchard Lee may be nutty, but he's right, and not the only one. Kim Gordon said something recently. It's so obvious

Frances looks strong and solid.


Your an absolute flake.

Why don't you write Kristen Pfaff's Mom and ask tell her what a feminist icon Courtney is.

Serioulsy Audrey seek counseling you buttered up skank.

1. I'm not saying she's not a shithead.

2. Is she a better or worse mother than...say...Pamela Anderson?

3. Is she a better or worse parent than Kurt Cobain?

Look, I understand everyone's venom (except for Paul who is a total idiot as usual), but I'm just trying to play a little devil's advocate because I'm so sick of how black and white everyone plays this, e.g. Kurt's the saint, Courtney's the sinner...

But whatever, I don't care enough about her either way to really dig up a way to defend this.

So, you all win.

ah, screw the devil's advocate bit. I still re-state my first post + an explicit acknowledgement that she is a shithead (like so many other people who become famous).

Audrey, I agree that Kurt is no saint - he ko'ed himself leaving behind a child in the care of a drug addicted mother (plus ummm, yeah he was drug addicted himself). I do keep hoping that Courtney Love kicks the smack once and for all for the sake of her kid and herself.

But what really gets me about the link is all the shitty comments people made. It makes me hate people and their nasty grossness. Boooo people -- you suck and your mean, mean , mean.

Kurt C. was a shithead, too, Audrey. Happy?

Oh, and Yucky Poop: I am indeed mean, mean, mean when confronted by adulation of garbage. I'll put love into the world, as Harriet the Spy would say, when I see something worthy. Which I do every day; just not here.

yes, but i was not unhappy before.

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