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Monday, August 7, 2006

Washington State to Washington State Trannies: Not On Our Dime!

Posted by on August 7 at 15:28 PM

Uh… If you’re like me, you probably didn’t know that the state of Washington would pay for a sex-change operation until you read this morning that Washington state wants to stop paying for sex-change operations. From today’s Seattle Times:

Medicaid officials plan to rewrite regulations to make it clear the state will no longer cover sex-change operations. But before the new regulations are in place, the state will likely have to pay for more surgeries.

In a pair of rulings issued last month, a state appeals board ordered Medicaid to pay for two people to travel out of state to undergo sex-change operations. The state estimates the procedures, also known as sex-reassignment surgery, will cost $50,000 to $60,000 each.

So it appears that anyone out there contemplating a request for a state-financed sex-change operation is shit out of luck: If your request wasn’t already in the pipe then you’re, uh, cut off. Or not.

Back to the Seattle Times:

But Porter said the state plans to continue covering other services—such as hormone treatment and psychotherapy—for people diagnosed with gender-identity disorders….

“We understand this is a very real condition for some people,” Porter said.

Yeah, for some people it is a very real condition. But for too many others sex reassignment surgery is just a goofy stunt.

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There's the Dan we know and love - if it ain't about gay men, it ain't worth defending.

um, wouldn't this apply to M2F as well?

Uh... whose side do you think I'm coming down on in that post, Sam?

The biggest problem with our health care system today is that trannies are oppressed. Every other group can easily get $50,000 from the government to pay for medical problems. It's only trannies that can't get the health care they need.

I knew you were on our side, Dan - it was just a little ambiguously worded.

I don't know about MtF surgeries. Many MtFs have mastectomies, and those may be covered. A lot of MtFs, though, don't bother with bottom surgery. The options are difficult and not very acceptable compared to the real thing. And, as far as I can tell, the mindset of transmen about their bodies and place in society is not the same as the way transwomen tend to feel about themselves.

Still, although it's certainly true that not everyone needs genital surgery (I did not; I needed other things) it is simply inhumane to deny such an effective treatment for those women (or men) who can gain much-needed relief from the surgery. Gender dysphoria is NOT something to trifle with, as I have learned to my sadness in my own life.

It is inhumane to deny $50,000 to someone wanting to change sexes. Every other medical problem in our state is covered. No other group in Washington State has problems with medical bills so to deny only trannies is discrimination.

Who in their right mind could actually believe sex reassignment surgery is "just a goofy stunt"? Do these people believe it's something you decide to do on a fucking WHIM?!

"every other medical problem is covered?? oh, like depression? not quite. most mental health problems are never covered. Should I bother to point out that millions of women suffer from sexual abuse (HUSH HUSH) and see not a dime of assistance, let alone the support and political power afforded gay men? (has anyone ever heard of Shanti for women who were sexually abused, and have difficulty functioning during treatment they pay for themselves , if they even can afford any?? there are still silent majorities that never even get mentioned by the oh so p.c. stranger. when is the last time W.A.M.I. got mentioned anywhere in the stranger??

I'm glad to see this happening! I remember the time I woke up and found out I had a woman, after a night out with the boys. Did I ever have a hard time living THAT one down...

Trannies are the most oppressed group in Washington and deserve free health care. Why should all other Washington residents get $50,000 checks to pay medical bills, and only trannies be discriminated against? This is great news.

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