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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Vincent Won

Posted by on August 23 at 22:59 PM

No shit, Vincent.

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I was convinced that Uli had it.

Damn you Vincent!

And screw Angela and her equally passive-aggressive mother.

Uli should have won. Michael's was best but he "cheated" by having the only slender model. Vincent's was, surprisingly, not horrible, and neither, surprisingly, was he. But not best. Jeffrey was freakin' hilarious, insulting Angela's mom to her face and then designing a polyester trash bag for her. Robert, alas, deserved to lose; I don't know what happened to his creativity, but that sack wasn't it. Watching his model continually flipping it over just showed how badly it fit.

So, who's a "shocking" "international jetsetter"? First guess: flight attendant. Second guess: John Mark Karr. Third guess: funeral clothes for a corpse traveling home in a box.

I agree that Uli should have won, but I think Angela's outfit was the worst. The fringe reminded me of Bradley's misguided Cher pants of two weeks ago.

Despite that, I'm glad Angela will be around for Jeffrey to torture.

uli should have won...

anyhow, I want to fuck tim gunn:

"Vincent wins (note absence of exclamation point). Let’s begin with his model, Heidi (Uli’s mom). She could be a model; Heidi’s tall, gorgeous, and has a great figure. So Vincent was not even remotely challenged by the prospect of working with a new size, shape, or set of proportions. Therefore, his only challenge was design … and what was that? From my point of view, he made a simple sheath and adorned it with an oversized pilgrim-collar, and a collar that merely stood out on the front of the dress and didn’t even exist on the back. Huh? I didn’t get it and it certainly wasn’t my taste. But it suited the judges’ taste and that’s what matters. Congratulations Vincent, whatever you are."

I can't understand why the judges didn't give this one to Uli (who has been mostly outstanding in all of the challenges). Maybe they were swayed by Vincent having the most model-like model; at least he didn't get immunity.

Vincent-- oh gawd! My roomates and I all went "nuh uh!" at the same time.... well, if only to make the old nutjob happy, it was a (kinda) touching moment. But I thought she looked like she was wearing a bag. The collar was nice, in a Jettson's kinda way, but the dress did not really flatter her figure at all. I said it before, Vincent has a vision, but he can't pull it off in reality.... Uli, on the other hand, can dress my mom any day!
It's coming down to Michael and Uli. Laura and Kayne better pick up their
game if they want to keep up. I don't care what the fuck happens to Angela. Another craft project or two and she's gone.... Jeff had my attention last week. The man who makes clothes look like garbage, made garbage look like clothes! But he was a prick this week and totally unprofessional. He was rude. And being rude marks him way down in my book. Angela's mother did little that he could not have been more mature and graceful about handling. Esp. when he hasn't given us anything (except last week) but garbage pail kids clothing.
We are going to miss Robert's pecs though......

i already miss barbie boy. i wanted him and kayne to fuck. i hope they didn't miss the opportunity.

oh, i'm sure kayne and robert were getting it on. i loved the end, when kayne said, "you're my little bit of sunshine every day" in his best little oklahoma gay boy voice.

i definitely didn't get why vincent won. it did not fit that well. and the collar and belt looked terrible, i thought.

i'm very sad to see robert go, though his work has been very poor lately.

unfortunately, you know that angela or vincent will stick around for a long time, since they are so fucking annoying. my bet is that it'll be angela, which i would prefer. i fucking HATE vincent.

Between the two of them, I would have let Jeffrey go. Although Robert was still boring, at least he made a well tailored garment that was what his client wanted. Jeffrey's garment was ill-fitting, poorly tailored and didn't meet his client's needs. (But I guess we need him for the drama) Although I agree with Sam--a little barbie-on-pageant queen snogging would have been HOT!!!!

I too thought Uli should have won...she's do soon for the Oscar win, that is, a win not only for that week but for the whole body of work that she has done.

Tim Gunn's comments are fabulous. I wasn't surprised Vincent won, I gotta say.

Michael? Hmm, too much like a Denny's waitress with a little funk thrown in. Sorry.

Jeffrey should have been shitcanned. He so did not try to please his client. His ass would have been fired in no time had he pulled that with a real paying client.

Robert deserved to go. Boring, boring, boring.

And wasn't Michael Kors' mom cute? Apparently sonny boy has been spending some of his money on a little - ahem - work, for his mother.

I'm so out of it. I watched an Everybody Loves Raymond rerun last night. It was the one where they're all "discussing" the circumstances of death (wills, insurance, hypochondria, burial plots). Gotta love Ray.

The producers mess too much with the results. (The small print in the credits says the judges and producers decide on the outcome together.) There's no way Alison should have left last week. They scolded Alison for not flattering the model's figure, yet Vincent stuck his model in a hideous paper tube she could barely walk in? Clearly they kept V in for the drama and "Oh no they didn't!" audience reaction factor. That's also why V won this week. His dress didn't flatter his lovely model at all, it didn't even fit properly. Uli should have won, easily.

I realy liked Robert but he did a lousy/boring job three challenges in a row, he deserved to go.

I find Vincent's victory disturbing. His dress wasn't that great. The collar was weird and the belt made his model (who has a lovely figure) look like she had a belly. Uli should have taken that challenge, hands down. Her outfit was cute and flattering on a model who didn't fit the usual proportions that Uli is used to designing for. You could tell her model felt like a million bucks in that outfit.

Robert and Jeffrey were pretty much equal in their ineptitude this week. I actually hated Jeffrey's dress more than I hated Robert's. It was a sack with a weird periwinkle dickie attached to it. Good god.

Obviously, the producers are trying to keep Vincent and Jeffrey on for as long as possible for the sake of drama. Let's just hope that Vincent crashes and burns so badly next week that they have to get rid of him.

Jeffrey Christ made two moms cry. There's a special place in Hell for people like that. I was too distraught to care who had won...

(For those of you who don't get the name, check out Dave White's recaps in the Advocate online- HI-sterical).

also, angela's was (yet again) ridiculous and tacky.

I can't wait for vincent to go, but I wouldn't be too upset if angela went home first.

And how about the moment when Cruella said she'd toss her sixth child "on the pile with the rest of them". I'm not a huge fan of her's, but that was GENIUS.

The way things have been going, Kayne is probably the next to go! I shudder to think of Vincent or Angela becoming the Wendy Pepper of this season and making it to the final 3. Ugh.

Uli is great, she should have won. At least Vincent finally made something wearable. Jeffery's sack was much worse than Robert's sack. He should have gone home. And what was with him crying at the end? Or did I imagine that?

Viva la Project Runway!

Hey, lets have a finale party... kick out the sports lovers at a local sports bar and take over with Project Runway!

Honestly, what the hell. I'm not even watching the series right now because I am sans cable, and I'm pissed. Keep Vincent? Drop Robert? What?
Micheal should have won hands down. Vincent won with a thin model, why not Micheal for a far superior design.
Damn you project runway!

Does Heidi hate Uli too? What is UP? A fellow German and no love shown!

I can't believe it, but I think Crazy Vincent deserved to win. His dress was sleek and flattering.

For the most part, however, I could not believe how badly these folks designed for regular people. It shocked me. Even wonderful Michael couldn't figure out that a shirt dress usually makes women, even size 6 women like his model, look like stuffed sausages. His fabric was bulky and the tie stuck out like a lightening rod.

I can understand it's hard to design for an XXXL size, but I thought they would be creative!

Jeffery should have lost this one. His outfit made no sense. Plus, his apparent lack of self-confidence makes him rude to his clients. Boo!

of course it's hard to design for the fatties! they are basically blobs. jeffrey should have just sent her to a liposuction clinic overnight.

i really don't see what he or robert could have done to make those two women look decent.


Fuck off. I own a Tivo, I haven't watched the show yet. Next time, keep it below the fold with a "Spoiler Alert" warning.

If you can't keep up, you shouldn't be playing the game. Fuck your Tivo, Mr. Cuttingedge. Once the show airs, it's not a spoiler.

I haven't seen it yet (I don't have cable, and my mommy tapes the show for me.), but I can hardly believe you all.
Vincent won? For real? Is it because he's crazy? Is this just some Stranger practical joke?
They'll keep him and Angela for the drama (and the freakass little flowers) as long as they can.
Robert's been stinky lately, so that I see. But Vincent? Damn.

My name is Dave and I'm a PR addict. (ya all say Hi Dave! now) I am sooo in for a final show at a sports bar (or a gay bar or a dive bar.... I'd even watch it at the Eagle for the perversity of it all...) My hope for the final 3 .... Michael, Uli and Laura (you keep throwing those babies on the pile girl!). I would love to see what they would do with a whole collection down the runway. Kayne is still in the running but better pick it up. Jeff is a dark horse for the final 3 and all that's left in the next two weeks is to see how bad and sad Angela and Vincent crash.... Then the real competition will begin.

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