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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Victory is Mine

Posted by on August 26 at 12:29 PM

From Savage Love last week

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 11 years now, not 7 or 8. We met sleazy when I was 23, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. If we celebrated anniversaries, we’d be celebrating our dirty dozen in January 2007.

From Savage Love this week

You write that you met your boyfriend “when I was 23” 11 years ago. C’mon, Dan! You’re not 34 (23 + 11), at least according to multiple online sources. (Wikipedia, IMDB.) Lying about your age is beneath you!—Boy Utterly Saddened To Encounter Deceit

You’re right, BUSTED, I shouldn’t lie about my age. But I worry that people won’t take my advice seriously when they learn that I’m only 27 and I’ve been with the same guy for 11 years. Readers might conclude that I can’t know all that much about dating, relationships, and heartbreak if I’ve been with the same guy since my junior year of high school. But the cat’s out of the bag now—damn you, Wikipedia!

From the mailbox this morning…

You’re only 27! And have been with the same guy for 11 years? And you’re worried people won’t take you seriously because of that? Dan I’ve been reading your columns since oh, at least 2000/2001 I guess, maybe longer, and I always assumed you were older than me. I love that you’re my age, I feel like we’ve grown up together now (although you never publish or respond to my letters and I’ve written you a few over the years. I can only hope that you read them.) First of all, don’t lie about your age. I think that’s so sweet and so beautiful. Think about it, somehow you had the stuff, from a young age (and 10 years ago it was harder to be young and gay than today I think) to find the right guy and you’re still together? Granted it’s not as sick and twisted as most of the people you get letters from, but would you rather get love advice from the sweet old couple that were high school sweethearts and have been married 50 years, or from the whore who has had the most sexual partners? I’m all for being GGG, and experimenting and I love the power and courage you give people both gay and straight, but isn’t there something good and honorable about the people who have commitment and love and dedication to a relationship? I know how hard it is to be young and successful, and the struggles that presents, but we’re almost thirty now Dan (once you hit 27 I think you can say pushing 30) and we can now stand tall as ourselves professionally. I don’t know if there is another sex advice columnist out there as well known or as well respected as you. It’s time to revel in your success. You’ve earned it. Enjoy!


Wow—pushing 30, that blows my mind. But you know what’s really going to blow Shannon’s mind? When she finds out that I’ve been writing “Savage Love” for 15 years—since I was, oh, 12 years old. Man, it sure was cool that old man Keck was willing to take a chance on a prepubescent sex-advice columnist way back in 1991, huh?

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Let's see.... I met Dan AGES AGO at a book signing of his comic book at Bailey-Coy. Dan was dressed as Mrs. Santa Claus, and my friend Marianne and I had our picture taken with him. He pushed my head into your crotch. I was secretly thrilled.

Later that night I saw him at the Brass Connection and he was nice enough to come over and say hello to me. As usual, I didn't know what to say (I'm much better in writing) and I think he quite understandably wrote me off as a social retard.

And one of his actors in the Greek Active theatre company and I had a one-night stand before that, so he didn't just spring forth that giddy December evening at Bailey-Coy.

But what year was that? The Brass has been gone forever. Marianne moved to Albequerque ages ago.... to borrow a line from "Mame" I'd say that he's "somewhere between forty and death" (as am I, I'm afraid)

Dan, whatever your age is, you're fabulous and look Mahvelous, so don't sweat it.

Dan we love you no matter if you are 25 or 55! You are Seattle's only important writer, and The Stranger is the only newspaper that tells the truth about Seattle. You are so hot tons of guys would want you no matter how old you are.

Savage Love has been going for fifteen years and it's still the most important column in America. It's definately not "ran it's course" as some claim. When you come up with a great idea, and have a fantastic writer like Dan Savage, fifteen years is only the beginning. It's as fresh as the day it was first printed.

Let's see, by MY calculus, Dan Blather is 40, going on senility.

Stphen Colbert made it trendy; so I'm just waiting for someone to edit your wikipedia page [#] to correct the glaring error placing you as a 1964 birth.

hahahahahahahahah! pushing 30! over a cliff and into the abyss.... along with 40 while we're at it! Being 40 (some) myself, all I can say is it must be wonderful that you can still pull it off with the young'uns who have been reading you since WAAAAY back in 2000 or so. You can just forget that some of us remember you even farther back into 1991. We oldsters don't get out that much any more anyway. Too hard to pack up the walkers and scooters. And if you get enough of these kids to believe (like Jimminie Cricket says "just believe! Can you just believe kids? and Tink will be a pretty 27 again) you may pull it off. But you will have to avoid public appearences in well lit places or where they can get up too close. Don't get me wrong, you still look way Fab! and I say this from personal experience... But if you run into some of us oldsters you may have to hit us on the head while no one is looking or push us under a bus or something before your secret is out.....OR, hey... in a few more years if pushed into a corner about it, you can just say you're Dan's father and, yes people do say we look alike...
Dan you are my idol! but as Linda Evans used to say (and I KNOW you must remember this cause you're old enough to....) 40 doesn't have to be fatal! :)
and hopefully they won't put you out to pasture much before 50 there at the Stanger.


ok you're right....
better to put it this way...
"so THAT'S what they mean by 50 being the new 30!"

The best thing about this whole subject is that it's All Dan, All the Time.

Is he lying about his age?

Is he doing it in a cute way?

Is he doing it in a saucy way?

Is he telling the truth?

Does he look his age?

Does he not look his age?

I demand the All Dan Stranger. To hell with all the rest of the "writers" and other hangers-on--my idea of the perfect publication is 110 pages or so just of Dan, Dan, DAN!

Plus club and sex ads of course.

More, Dan, please! How about starting a big debate on how tall you are? (I'll start it! Dan is six foot three and a beefy 250 pounds, all pure muscle!) Or how about where you were born? (Missoula, Montana? Texaco, Arkansas?) Or if you've ever had a moustache? (Briefly in 1992!) It can't be trivial if it's about our Dan!

We Heart You!

Your Number #1 Fan (not including yourself), Sam

thank you Sam.

could we package him in a box?
could we sell him with some rocks?
he is already are local sage!
we must help him be all the rage!

I admit I never see the sign posted that says
"no matter how hard they beg, it is for their own good. They are fed professionaly and do not need your junk flatterings. It is unhealthy for them".... correct? correct.
but those egos are just so cute, I can't help myself....

I'm more confused now than I was before reading that entry. How old IS Dan?

early 40s

Go to Wikipedia, like the original naysayer'll see that our Dan was born in 1964. Making him, ohhh, about 42.

That said, the man looks not a day over 40.

Just goes to show you can take the fib outta illinois but you can't take the bastard outta the fib... ;)

I heard he was 47. And I heard he was gay. That's what I heard.

...and i heard he's cut.

And a top. Topped Sam once. That was when the "Santorum" thing came to me.

Maureen McGovern update: Word on the street is that an old troll who writes a sicko sex column wants to deal morning-after drugs to wayward children. Believe the column is 'Savage Love,' eponymous. Believe the author, the old troll, is Michael Savage.

hmmmmm, come to think of it, you never see Dan and Michael in the same room....

Now Dan, you're just being silly. We all know (those of us who are your fans and have read all your books and seen all of your TV appearances) that you are in a committed relationship, and therefore are a Good Gay Man.

Who is of indeterminate age, no matter what those bitter so-and-sos at Wikipedia say.

(Though if you ever are looking for a tryst, you know you can count on absolute discretion from your Number #1 fan.)

I Heart Dan,


Thanks, John Long—er, Sam.

Oh Dan,

you're so cute when you're confused.

I wouldn't know a Longenblah sighting if it was in my back yard.

But nice guess.

Wow. Sad.

After checking out Dan's Wikipedia profile, I am curious about Dan's anti-gay pride stance -- I don't remember ever having read anything about that in Savage Love. Does anyone know more about that?

Dan did an excellent "Gay Shame" edition of The Stranger making fun of Pride. This was in the middle of the AIDs crisis when it was polically correct to be gay and proud. Dan ripped into gay organizations, and the gay pride parade. It was a hoot!

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