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Friday, August 18, 2006

Two Dudes Strokin’ It

Posted by on August 18 at 11:19 AM

The New York Timesas seen through the eyes of a conservative reader.

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there's nothing there at the link


you guys rarely credit where you get your blog entries from. isnt it blog etiquette to do so? (this time it was gawker, right?)

Actually, a friend in New York sent the link to HuffPo via email. He may have seen it on Gawker. I haven't been to Gawker this AM.

But, as ever, thanks for keeping us honestish.

cool. your honestishness is appreciated.

that is fucking rad.

The New York Times is written for cultured, superior readers - educated and intelligent. Red State conservatives see pornography everywhere. Red State types are all frat boys types that want dumb women with big boobs everywhere.

This made my week.

"Biology's Slow Murder of Religion Near Complete"


Isn't "Two Dudes Strokin' It" that DJ duo from Miami playing at Viper tonight?

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