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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Dept. of Medicine

Posted by on August 9 at 14:38 PM

I was just at the doctor’s office, getting my first physical in too long, wearing one of those little gowns that opens in the back.

“Pull down your underpants,” she said. “Now turn your head and cough.”
“Is that a hernia-check?”
“Yes. Know why we ask you to turn your head?”
“So you don’t cough on the doctor.”
“Yes. Just learned that last year.”

In other coughs: Scientists are hoping Monet can help them better understand smog.

Also: Dog flu!

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Medicine is cool. Did you know that the solution for most things people worry about boils down to just a few things?


1. Avoid stress - seriously, mellow out.
2. Get moderate exercise - or at least go garden.
3. Eat a varied/balanced diet - cut out all those sugary drinks and replace them with water, maybe eat more veggies and fruits, but eat a mixture.

Do that and most things you worry about will go away.

Oh, and if you're over 40, it's ok to have an aspirin a day, especially if you're a guy. And, again if a guy, it's ok to drink a glass of wine (red is best) with a meal.


I spend a bunch of time in medical seminars and reading detailed scientific studies - this is most of what I've learned - other than really strange stuff you don't want to know.

Eat less. Exercise more. Don't flip out so often. And try not to get run over by your Hummer-driving bleach-blonde neighbor backing out of her driveway with a cell phone glued to her ear.

(Sorry, that last one's kind of on my mind because it nearly happened to me yesterday when I was going for a nice, healthy walk.)

i'm in med school and i just learned that coughing thing last week. dunno that i'll be sharing it with patients right away, though...

Good point, Geni. But that one's not as much under your control.

Hey, Bolo, did they tell you about the eye contact thing yet?

What eye contact thing?

A lot of beginners forget to smile, listen, and make eye contact while talking. This is why, even if you have a computer/laptop at a desk, you always have it turned away to the side (preferably off) while talking to a patient. Barriers make them doubt you.

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