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Friday, August 25, 2006

Third ECB’s post

Posted by on August 25 at 12:43 PM

Josh, Erica, and I enjoyed an excellent meal at the Capitol Club last night. The sausage sandwich I ordered had the virtue of looking good and tasting like it looked. I cant stand foods that look good and taste bad, and I absolutely hate foods that look bad and taste good. The Capitol Club also offers a decent house wine at a happy hour price.

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Anyone who won't spend $14 for a gorgonzola empanada and chilled soup doesn't know how to live. The food is great! Long live Capital club.

If the chef is from Argentina, than I reckon he must take pride in making a good Chori-pan like the ones in Buenos Aires.

Do they make a good bloody churrasco?

Thx for the tip, after I down a few pints at The Elysian, I will head over there.

Ahhhhh ... Gorgonzola empanada and chilled soup. Sausage sandwiches. Eggplant sandwiches.

That's what The Strangers do best: Eat, Bleat, Excrete.

I absolutely hate foods that look bad and taste good

This is my favorite kind of food. The relief from the temporary dissapointment of looking bad can be sublime.

As Rachael Ray is wont to say, "We eat with our eyes first!"

Damn, I hate that bitch! :)

I'm not a huge fan of CDs when the music sucks AND the CD art sucks. I absolutely HATE CDs when the music is great, but the cover art sucks.

Another dreamy and poetic post Charles. I never thought about food that looked bad and tastes good. Many ignorant people with limited incomes will eat whatever is put on their plate no matter what it looks like. Now I see how empty these sad lives are compared to our urbane, cultured, lifestyles. Thanks, you made my day.

Sometimes I have a hard time telling whether people are being sarcastic or not in these comments.

Usually in response to a Mr. Mudede post. Um... salut?

If it's Anne, then it's sarcastic--and practically the same exact comment every time Charles posts. She must live a thoroughly satisfying, productive life.

Just because you are not a fan of Charles, don't assume other's are offering specious praise. Many love Charles and feel he is a local treasure, our best local writer. We love you Charles, be bold!

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