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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The WalMart Vote

Posted by on August 22 at 12:10 PM

There’s an noteworthy footnote in the new Zogby poll (which has Bush’s approval rating at 34%). Check it out: Although 76% of weekly Wal-Mart shoppers voted for Bush instead of Kerry in ‘04, only 45% currently give Bush positive job performance marks.

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Red State types are Wall Mart shopping idiots who love their pickup trucks and George Bush. In Seattle we are an island of educated, cultured individuals who are smarter than the rest of America. So far we've kept Wall Mart out of our town. Let's make sure the store and the kind of low life it attracts never gain a foothold here.

Fire Sale on Red Bush Theology in aisle one!

Dear Regligion Sucks, Racism Watch and Red State:

Please shut the fuck up.


Thanks Kate, but if the 10,000 previous requests for them to STFU have been ignored, I am sure yours will be too.

I'm pretty sure all the sarcastic trolls are just one very lonely guy. Best to just ignore him until he decides to grow up.

Besides, their insightful, trenchant sarcasm delights all!

Unfortunately, Josh, those are not comparable figures. Saying that you are not satisfied with the job someone is doing is not the same as saying that you wish you had picked some random other guy whoose application you rejected.

can't someone block that guy's IP?

I fucking hate people who used to approve of Bush and now don't. If they had one ounce of intelligence, they'd have seen what a moron he is before the last election, and we could already be digging ourselves out of the shitstorm he created instead of getting in deeper. All the evidence was there from day 1.

It comes as no surprise to me that Walmart Shoppers are in this group. I hate myself whenever I go there (but I'm broke, and living in Hawaii is fucking expensive-I will say that I do it as rarely as possible) I notice that it seems to attract the dumbest and most oblivious segments of the population.

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