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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on August 8 at 7:40 AM

Lamont vs. Lieberman: Connecticut voters cast their ballots.

Murder & Gang Rape: Our troops were just trying to beat the stress of combat.

Latest Polls: Bad news for Republican incumbents, good news for the country.

Israel: Deeper into Lebanon.

Iraq: Deeper into hell.

Ellen Forney: Seattle PI heaps praise on local cartoonist and Stranger contributor.

Hempfest vs. SAM: Seattle pot festival gets its permit, withdraws its lawsuit.

McCartney vs. Mills: Ex-Beatle’s “amicable” divorce sounds like it’s getting ugly.

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Bad link for the Ellen Forney thing.

I'm a bit curious about Lamont's choice to keep a low profile yesterday. In one of the interviews I read, he said that the campaigning had taken a toll on him. I'm not sure that that's the best image to put forward on the last day of campaigning, but maybe it won't make a difference.

Link fixed, thanks for the heads up.

I too am worried/distressed about Lamont taking the day off yesterday. Fingers fucking crossed.

If the US can put Noriega on trial and convict him, than these "soldiers" should be turned over to face Iraqui justice.

It would be so cool if they got stoned in a public plaza.

It enrages me that for the longest time, US media were calling the child victim a "young woman"

These pedophiles need to die.

The use of Iraqi cough syrup is the explanation of why soldiers raped and killed a 14 yr old girl.

Gee, is that the WMD they were talking about?

It's a s-i-c-k f'n world.....

For more on the Hempfest situation, Dominic Holden posted up with some background.

Despite being otherwise in agreement with SeMe, I have to point out that the "pedophile" descriptor is inaccurate. Rape has nothing to do with sexual attraction. They are not pedophiles, they are animals. They did what they did because they knew it was repulsive.

The only people with any right to try to excuse their behavior are their defense counsel, and I hope they go home every night and wash out their mouths.

Are we sure that those soldiers weren't eating twinkies too?

There has to be something in the background of every rapist/murderer that's unpleasant. Why not let them all off the hook?

Referring back to Cienna's post yesterday, defendants who act nonchalant in court can wind up being crucified for it. Juries no a-likey unremorseful rapists/murderers. Let's hope that the same rules apply to military tribunals.

How much of the voting for that race to get rid of Bush's comrade was by absentee and was over last week?

Let the purges (Ex-Lax for the masses!) begin. In the old days there was the Viet Cong, progressive agrarian reformers who reformed inconvenient peasants to death.

Now there's the Donkey Cong, the Taliban wing of the party that wants to terminally reform inconvenient moderates.

First they came after warmonger Lieberman, and you did nothing but gloat & drool. Then they came after warmongers Savage & Schmader. Then they'll come after you. (Read Orwell, Homage to Catalonia, if you have time before the Cong frog-marches you up against the wall.)

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