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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

The Death of Steve Guttenberg

Posted by on August 8 at 13:52 PM

Ever wonder what was the EXACT MOMENT that actor Steve Guttenberg lost the last ounce of public appeal? Now we know, with the following trailer from the 1990 classic film Don’t Tell Her It’s Me, co-starring an egregiously awful cast of Shelley Long, Jami Gertz, and Kyle MacLachlin. By the end of this hee-larious trailer you will want to snap Guttenberg’s neck. (And check out that mullet!)

Tip o’ the hat to Best Week Ever!

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ohmygod. my dad used to be obsessed with this movie. i think he had a crush on steve gutenberg? i remember watching it as a kid and even then thinking it was the stupidest thing ever... and there was some disturbing part about eating squid or jellyfish that i seem to remember.. i think it scarred me for life.

Steve Guttenberg was pretty awesome as a child molesting mayor on Veronica Mars this season.

steve guttenberg as lorenzo lamas, I'm putting this on my netflix right now.

He also won the honor "lord of the anal rings" in a competition on the howard stern show about a year ago.
i kid you not.

That looks good, so good that I just ran down to Blockbuster, but they don't have it, WTF?

My dad and Kyle's dad were best buds in college and we had a shitload of relatives around Yakima, so we visted the McLachlans every summer when I was a kid. I never had any hint that Kyle would be so stiff as an actor -- he had a great personality when I knew him.

I don't remember this movie at all. It had to have been released at the height of Michael Bolton's popularity, though. Seriously, did anyone *really* ever think that the ultra-long mullet-with-receding-hairline was a good look?

The film itself looks quirky enough, in a really dated, so-bad-it's-good kind of way. But the trailer narration is god-awful.

Don't even talk shit about Jami Gertz.

Don't even talk shit about Kyle MacLachlan. And if you're going to, at least spell his name right.

And yes, I know he's done some stinkers, but he'll always be Special Agent Cooper to me.

But that's the magic of David Lynch's work in Twin Peaks -- all of the actors were less talented than the log lady's log. I mean, have you SEEN any of Sherilynn Fenn's movies?

Good point, but it doesn't affect my manlove for MacLachlan.

That is fucking amazing. I need to netflix that shit.

Damn you doink! You stole my queue spot.

What accent is he trying to do?

"He also won the honor "lord of the anal rings" in a competition on the howard stern show about a year ago.
i kid you not."

Bzzzt. He actually LOST to Artie Lange, who I believe is still the reigning Lord of the Anal Ring Toss. Steve seemed to take it kind of seriously, though, and even made a side bet or two (and lost again). If I'm not mistaken it was Carmen Electra's male assistant who squatted down on all fours with a stick up his ass to serve as the ring toss target for the Steve vs. Artie showdown.

I've been away from SLOG for a long while. With Guttenburg's Don't Tell Her, I can honestly (and perhaps shamefully) say I've missed it. Nothing like good slog to remind us how low we can sink.

This trailer clearly establishes _Don't Tell Her It's Me_ as the best film in the history of the universe. Run to the video stores, faithful! Hurrah!

Steve Guttenburg is hot! I watched this movie over and over on Showtime as a kid. Time to give more of my life's time back to Don't Tell Her It's Me.

The film is sometimes called "The Boyfriend School" - that seems to be the title it goes by on cable these days.

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