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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Tattoo Tuesdays

Posted by on August 8 at 20:10 PM

It’s more like “Tattoo Week” in Seattle. This Thursday there’s an opening party for a show called ‘NO WIMPS’ at hot-shot new art gallery BLVD. Then Saturday, oh yes, Saturday there’s a real live contest for the “WORST” tattoo. 4 pm. At the Annual Seattle Tattoo Convention. Ten bucks to enter - not sure what the prize is….

I’m also NOT sure how I ended up with this picture on my camera last weekend. Who-what? Who is this? And is that a beaver tail? An un-finished Mr. Peanut? Whoever you are, get thee to that contest!


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waffle-iron nutsack?

That looks like it was drawn on with a ball point. I don't believe it's real.

Every day is tattoo day in Seattle. I don't get it, personally - I think the concept jumped the shark ages ago - but to each his own.

Personally, I vowed never to get a tattoo after the 4,384,989 time I heard some twitty homo say "nice tats, dude" to another twitty homo when I worked at the Cuff.

Chicks dig scars. Tattoos are weak.

I'm obsessed with people that don't think and get shitty tattoos. A bad idea today, and then for the rest of your life....

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