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Friday, August 25, 2006

Stranger Suggests: More Bikes

Posted by on August 25 at 16:18 PM


The new bicycle shop at 20th and E. Union, 20/20 Cycle, has a fake fireplace, charts depicting the anatomy of birds and rattlesnakes, lots of cool old bikes, and a visionary/owner of the best variety. On Sunday starting at 5 p.m., as a part of the Seattle Carousel Festival: a bike workshop, music by the Dead Science, something mysteriously called “Pillow Fight Fight,” and the screening of odd-sounding movies.

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kick ass poster. I'd go there because of that alone...

And his shop is in ghetto Madison Park. Pass.

Er... First Hill. My point stands.

Don't be a CS'er. It's a great part of town. And a great shop.

A CS'er? Clarify. A caught stealinger? A city slicker? A cocksucker?

Seriously, though, granted that many commenters here have stated blatant dishonesty posing as fact on Slog on many occasions in the past, I still can't believe one would make this statement:

It's (20th/Union) a great part of town.

Compared to what? SODO? Burien? I hope the shop has security.

definitely one of the cooler bike shops in town. Alex has managed to accrue a shit ton of experience in the local cycling scene while avoiding the holier than thou/get the hell outta my face attitude you're likely to encounter at other unnamed Cap. hill bike shops.

The neighborhood is totally fine. Anyone scared by 20th and Union is probably spending a little too much time in Fremont and/or Honkie Hill (QA).

Really Gomez, what precisely is wrong with the neighborhood? Blanket statements like that seem less than fair. I'm somewhat new to Capitol Hill and vicinity myself, and have been in the shop numerous times (not enough I admit) and find the area nice and pleasant enough. Is it unsafe or what? Is it the hill?

Are you actually implying that I am being dishonest in saying I think the neighborhood is great? And furthermore, is it actually considered First Hill or Madison Park, it's probably more likely the CD, isn't it?

The folks at velo have always been nice to me. Is there another bike shop on the hill where people are jerks? Also, that super cute gal who works at Linda's used to work there. The place can't be that bad 'cause she's bottled sunshine!

Holy Shit, Gomez, you are such an asshole. It is a great neighborhood and you seem completely ignorant of Seattle geography. Do you know where madison park is? Umm, I'll give you a hint - it is near Madison Park. You know that beach on Lake Washington, that happens to be one of the richest neighborhoods in the city.

20th and Union is on the border of the central district, cap hill and 1st hill and it is much better than madison park. You are a fucking idiot. Know what are talking about before you post.

Big up, lanik, couldn't agree with you more. The CD is where it's at. Specifically, not in Madison Park or First Hill (???). Also, to clarify: Pillow Fight Fight is an awesome noise band (based right around the corner from 20/20 right in the District). While not technically an "event", they are easily confused with one, as the crowd is often "feeling it" (as the kids are saying).

Wow. I couldn't agree more. The worst thing you could say about 20th and Union is that it's a FORMERLY dodgy area. Not BAD, exactly, just not a place you'd want to be found drunk at 3 AM with $100 bills sticking out of your back pockets. Like a lot of places! Now, it's what I'd call "up and coming".

The Madison Park comment I don't get at all; Madison Park is Bellevue West. And I'm not too pleased with the Burien-hating, either; Burien kind of rocks, especially if you like Mexican food (both restaurants and the best grocer in the area) or Australian Meat Pies.

I live about a block and a-half from 20/20, and while I'll admit Squire Park (the neighborhood's official designation & one of the oldest residential areas in Seattle - look it up) isn't one of the tonier neighborhoods in the city, it's definitely on the upswing. Lot's of younger professional couples are moving into the area & a lot of what some people might call "gentrification": old homes being refurbished, some new construction, and new businesses popping up here-and-there. The kind of neighborhood where the streets are quiet and tree-lined, and the houses have porches, so you can actually chat with your neighbors as you walk by.

Within a two block radius from 20/20 you've got The Central Cinema (just around the corner) Cappy's Gym & Boxing Club, Ade Abbeba Restaurant, Katy's Cafe (former home of the outstanding Cafe Stellina), plus a post office, pharmacy, laundromat, beauty parlor & liquor store just beyond that, and Seattle's best burger joint, CC's a few blocks further down Union. A 15 minute walk to the heart of CapHill in one direction and an equally short walk the other to the shops & restaurants in Madrona. Or, you can hop on a #2 - one of the best bus routes in the city, that will take you from Madrona beach to Harvard Market to Swedish Hospital to downtown to Queen Anne and all the way to SPU.

It's not the greatest neighborhood, but it's getting better every day, and places like 20/20 are helping to make that happen.

Har har, suit yourselves. All of you enjoy your break ins and muggings in the CD, then. I'll remain in less sketchy quarters.

And again, "Madison Park" was an error. I even corrected myself in my 2nd comment. Read the entire thread before talking shit.

Um, gee Gomez, I've lived in SQUIRE PARK (you may have "corrected" yourself, but you still got the neighborhood WRONG) for nearly two years, and the worst I've seen is a broken beer bottle here and there.

On the other hand, I have had my car broken into on Queen Anne, so I guess some neighborhoods belie their reputations, eh?

Do you drive, Comte?

Interesting... I've lived in Seattle for 25 years andd haven't once heard the name "Squire Park" as a neighborhood. Always "the CD" . The very excellent search turns up a 0 for Squire Park. Is this one of those recently invented names to make a neighborhood sound "better" than it used to be.
Hmmm, "Squire Park", kind of regal sounding...
please tell us more.

Not sure what that has to do with anything Gomez, but generally I use my scooter rather than my car, which I drive maybe once a week.

And yes, it sits for days on end on the street outside my apartment, and so far nobody's touched it there.

I lived in Squire Park from 1996-99. Walking home one day, a green municipal sign saying something like "Welcome to Squire Park" lay at the base of the telephone pole to which it probably once was affixed. It made a great addition to our communal house on 18th about 2 bocks south of Union. Last time I was in the area I think there was a similar sign near Ezeil's(sp?) Chicken across the street from Garfield H.S. Along with the welcoming, there's cute little drawing of a house, tree, and flowers, maybe a smiling stick figure.

- I've always gotten service with a smile at Velo.
- I like Burien, too. El Rinconcito always opens earlier than seems usual, and they have ceviche. Plus Seattle's best highway (509) makes for a quick ride to and fro.

Velo great? I asked them if they would take a bike of mine on consignment. They said they didn't do that and it wasn't up to par to sell but they would act as the middle man and give it to a group that teaches kids to fix bikes then lets them have it. About a month later they were selling it. When I confronted the owner, Lance(?), about this he said straightfaced, "Oh do you want it back?" "uh yeah" I said. And it was mine again. He didn't seem surprised that they were selling my donated bike nor did he offer any explanation or apology.


Far from being a recently invented name, Squire Park is one of the city's oldest residential neighborhoods, dating back at least to the 1880's (the neighborhood was annexed by the City of Seattle in 1891).

Google "squire park seattle" for a list of websites with historical and demographical info on the neighborhood, including the Squire Park Community Council homepage.

<a href=>erosive esophagitis</a> all about

I just know there are idiots online a lot and I usually never bother to post and correct them- except now because Gomez is such a gigantic moron. Hey Gomez you are a fucking pansy. I dare you to walk alone at 20th and union one night. I can't believe anyone actually thinks 20th and Union is ghetto. Way to live the city life, dude. You're soo urban. You should really get out some more. Do some traveling for god's sakes. Spend some time in the midwest, or east coast, maybe. Or LA or San Fran for that matter. Anyway-moral of the story: lots of people are idiots. But you all knew that.

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