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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stamper on Sullivan

Posted by on August 22 at 11:05 AM

That guy in the “Cops Against the Drug War” video that’s up on Sullivan today? That’s Seattle’s former police chief, Norm Stamper.

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You're either with Canada on this issue, and realize wasting money on a fake Drug War is insane, or you're with the war profiteers like the Bushies.

what a great video!

Stamper for Mayor of Seattle? eh?

I wouldn't go that far, Eugene. I didn't work that hard to get Greg ten points just to throw him away over a few minor transportation insanities ...

That video is fantastic! I sincerely hope that group is sufficiently media-savy to get broadcast air-time.

lets throw him away for the Nightclub regulations, Will...Norm "prohibition doesn't work" Stamper looks like he would be a much better suited to handle these new prohibitionists

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