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Monday, August 7, 2006

Sen. George Allen: Opposed to Abortion Before He Bought Stock in Plan B?

Posted by on August 7 at 13:45 PM

This is interesting on two levels: One, anti-abortion Republican Senator George Allen has some serious explaining to do to his Evangelical constituents. And two, perhaps he’ll be forced to square his opposition to abortion with his stock holdings by telling Evangelicals that taking the morning after pill doesn’t equal having an abortion.

(Or, perhaps he’ll just dump his stock. Stay tuned.)

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well, ok, but I own stock in oil companies and have owned coal stocks, but that doesn't mean I think either is the long-term solution for America ...

one's possessions are not the measure of a man.

Gotta love that writing: "It seems hypocritical to oppose a woman’s right to choose while investing in a drug that does just that."

The drug . . . what? Chooses? It would be great if this led to an R explaining to his constituents how Plan B is not in any way related to abortion. Probably not gonna happen, though.

I second Levislade. Plan B is contraception; it is not and has never been an abortion pill. It's a high-dose of the same ingrediant found in birth control. If these hypocrites really believed abortion kills children, then they would support any contraception that would prevent the need for abortion. They are against *women* having sex for any other purpose than pro-creation.

This may hurt Allen in the polls. Sadly, his lifelong affection for the ideals of the Confederacy probably won't.

Levislade, maybe if Allen can convince his constituents that he owns stock in a drug that opposes a woman's right to choose, he'll be clear!

Will, your example seems a bit different. You might not think oil is a long term solution, but that doesn't mean you are morally opposed to oil, right? If you thought oil and its consumption were evil and yet owned stock in oil companies, that would be a better analogy and would seem hypocritical to most.

nah, I think oil makes a great lubricant and is nifty for making plastics.

but, that's ok, if you own most mutual funds (S&P 500, Total Stock Market) you own tobacco companies anyway.

not saying the guy isn't two-faced, just pointing out even if he is slime, he might not realize how slimy he is.

Christians won't let women have abortions because the bible says so. Jews won't let Jewish women marry gentiles because the bible says so. All religious people are idiots. The Torah and the bible are equally good for wiping your ass with.

the bible says nothing of the sort - they quote it out of context.

in the original aramaic, it's quite different.

Can you shed any light on what it does/did say, WIS?
I'm curious.

Look, I know these forums are all about free speech and everyone getting a say, but would it possible to make an exception for Religion Sucks/Religion Is Stupid, and block the IP?

Pretty please?

Or maybe, in the interests of fair play, just replace RS's posts with a button that says "RS has posted a comment", and you can click on it if you reaaally wanna read the repetitive rant...


Oh well, I suppose the RS bot has to suffer a power failure at *some* time in the future.

Some people own stock in companies they disagree with, because as a shareholder they get a say in their decisions.

I'm not religious at all. Washington is one of the least religious states in the nation. If comments about religion bother you move to a Red State. I agree with RS. All religions are a sham.

Sounds like the Senator could stand for a little spiritual growth himself, then maybe he wouldn't be contradicting himself. And making an ass of himself like he did this past Friday in Breaks, VA.

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