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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sad Hour

Posted by on August 10 at 16:30 PM

When I lived in San Francisco, I used to go to a bar in the Tenderloin that offered Sad Hour. Paper coasters bore the details: “Sad Hour, 5—7 p.m. Come in and cheer down.” It was a colossally divey place, genuinely so, a place you would not want your mother to know you were. The portly bartender, Carl, when not screaming Tourette’s-style at regulars staggering in high out of their minds or passing out in their seats, was available for a slow dance or two. Sad Hour had no drink specials, no snacks, just bittersweetness served up with a view of life’s rich pageantry—tranny hookers, miscellaneous nefarious deeds—transpiring in the gloaming outside.

These happy hours are nothing like Sad Hour.

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I miss that bar.

Was that the Ha-Ra?

Seattle no longer has a proper
dive bar. They've all been turned
into ubiquitous coffee houses.

This city no longer has s soul.


then you haven't been to angie's in columbia city. while not divey as it once was - the no guns and drugs policy finally took hold about three years ago, the whores can't do as big a buisness since the housing rates have shot up, and the smoking ban hasn't helped a whole lot..on a saturday night it still has it low life charm..
it's not nearly as divey as that sf joint and would never have a sad hour. there are lots of folks that wouldn't spend ten minutes init.. and when i last checked they still were serving only beer and the cheapest wine imginable.. you could still get a twenty of OE there.. ..
and there's that bar on the corner of 5th and king.. i once seent a guy jack-off in plain view..and the ID crack trade HQ's there

love you bethany- so dont be sad!

Was that the place with the horse shoe shaped bar? The one that opended at 6 AM? I loved the dive bars in the tenderloin. Real people, real fun. Those days will never happen again. *big heavy sigh*

Indeed, the Ha-Ra. Bobby was the bartender when I started going there—he was also portly and would slow-dance but didn't yell at people. He was given to telling bad jokes and saying uber-bartenderly things like, "You wanna know how to change the world—to change the world, you change yourself." He died.

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