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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Reality Racism?

Posted by on August 23 at 11:38 AM

survivor.cook.082306.jpgThe long-running reality show Survivor is famous throwing “twists” into the game in their attempt to keep an aging show fresh—but HAVE THEY GONE TOO FAR? From E! online…

Host Jeff Probst popped in on The Early Show Wednesday morning, confirming the reports that the 20 castaways for Survivor: Cook Islands will be grouped by race, with competitors divided into four tribes consisting of whites, blacks, Asians and Hispanics.

Probst had nothing but praise for the producers’ controversial brainchild, calling the exercise in segregation a valuable social experiment, rather than a stunt to dig up some controversy—and raise ratings.

“The idea for this actually came from the criticism that Survivor was not ethnically diverse enough, because for whatever reason, we always have a low number of minority applicants apply for the show,” Probst said.

“So we set out and said, ‘Let’s turn this criticism into creative for the show.’ And I think it fits perfectly with what Survivor does, which is, it is a social experiment. And this is adding another layer to that experiment, which is taking the show to a completely different level.”

While the 43-year-old host admitted that the players themselves had “mixed reactions” to the racial separation, he made clear that the division was not meant to incite any controversy, add to the tension during the competition or simply be viewed as a gimmick.

A last ditch effort for a dying show, or honkies trying to start a televised race war? Sound off, Sloggers!

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Seattle is very racist. Nothern European Males in this town would elect Hitler president if they could. If someone in Seattle says they're not racist, that means they are even more racist.

Holy God. This is going to be ratings gold, not for Survivor, but for all the news magazine shows that will document the outbreak of racially motivated violence on the island.

"Racist Watch" is a white male of Northern European descent who regularly masturbates into a vintage Ku Klux Klan hood that he found while performing sex acts on white male racists in a racist bar in Alabama. Every breath racist watch takes is fueled by racism.

I guess that would make you racist too "Racist Watch?" The irony is dripping, but you probably can't see the logic through your rosy glasses.

If you don't like Seattle, you are more than welcome to move. The sad thing is is you think Seattle is racist you have a rude awakening to the rest of the country, as Seattle has been the most tolerant place I've ever lived/visited/worked in.

Reality Check

This is just an extension of the self segregation that happens in real life. This is not blatantly racist, per se. If this is not a surface-level ploy for ratings, it could actually be an interesting talking point. Wouldn't it be horrible if Survivor ended up helping race relations in our society?

I recall the Northern European Males of Seattle twice electing a black man their mayor. Maybe he was a closet Nazi.

That doesn't mean people in Seattle aren't racist or prejudiced, but it may suggest they aren't any more racist or prejudiced than people elsewhere.

this is a joke right?

Don't worry, I'm sure the white team will be stacked with octogenarian quadriplegic retards to ensure their thorough trouncing, further illustrating that whites are weak and inferior to other ethnicities and that any perceived advantages or cultural dominance they have must be ill-gotten through imperialist chauvinistic cunning and avarice...

I can't wait for next season... Major world religions?

People won't want to be seen as racist on TV, even when they're competing and sleep-deprived. I predict everyone will be on their best behavior and the producers will have to edit carefully to create racial controversy.

Unless they choose contestants based on their likelihood of creating racial controversy.

Veerrrrrrrry interrrresssssting...

But probably not interesting enough to get me to watch.

"We're smart enough to have gotten rid of every racist person in casting..."

13 of 20 from California. None from Mississippi or Alabama or Arkansas or Oklahoma or Texas. I'm just sayin'...

brilliant idea, as is the religion one. Although 'reality' shows are anything but reality. Nevertheless, it'll make for interesting TV. Maybe they'll have names like Crackers, Tar Babies, Spics, and Chinks, or something equally offensive.

I think they should do a Middle East themed Survivor. I would watch that.

I get it! It's...

The imperialist chauvinistic cunning and avarice of the white team


The sneaky inscrutability and martial arts skills of the Asian team


The superior strength, speed, and aggression of the black team


The Latino team's inherent hardworking endurance and ability to swim across rivers.

There's no Jewish team because there's no advantage on the island for accounting and the ability to buy wholesale.

Oooh--now I *might* watch it if the white team was comprised totally of Apprentice rejects...

...and this season's show was set in Darfur...

I still want to see Survivor New York, where they get dropped off at the Port Authority Bus Terminal with a change of underpants and five dollars. In February.

Please. This is a total gimmick.

However, it sparked the most entertaining comments thread ever! Special shout out to Him & Pox (you racist mother F-ers beat me to the punch!)...

reality check, I would say that while seattle doesn't have the problems of overt racism like other medium sized and bigger cities., i.e., violent attacks against people of color, the subtle and behind closed door racism is very much alive in this city.

Why do they hate all the multi-racial people so? After all, that's the face of the 21st Century - are they supposed to drift on life rafts back and forth between the artificial racial construct islands?

Race - on the biological level - is statistically meaningless. Period.

And, Fnarf, why do you hate New Yorkers so?

Don't they mix up the teams when too many people get eliminated?

Since everyone's gonna be bonded by racial identity, how is this supposed to work?

Cook Islands could be very fun to watch if only to see what the various groups say about each other behind their backs. Controversy gets ratings, what can you say.

Mix up the teams? But that might lead to inter-racial babies and marriages, and we all know that if people who are from different races marry, that will destroy the institution of marriage in America.

Oh, sorry, that was the 1940s version.

The 2000s version has it be same-gender people being a threat to the institution of marriage. My bad.

Um, I don't think Survivor contestants have babies together. At least not during the show.

Survivor jumping the shark.

Am I the only person in America who has never seen an episode of this show?
This sounds like an extremely fucked up idea being played as "important" or "edgy" to me.
I might watch it because of the trainwreck-like possibilities, but probably not. Yeah. Not.

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