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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Re: Morning News Reprise

Posted by on August 24 at 14:34 PM

I agree with Erica: It sucks that the feds aren’t allowing girls under 17-and-under to buy Plan B over the counter. But it’s not going to be that hard for 17 year-old high school juniors to find an 18 year-old high school seniors willing to buy them packs of morning-after pills. A young, sexually-active woman shouldn’t have to hit up her 18 year-old friends, siblings, and classmates for morning-after pills, but as restrictions-on-access-to-reproductive-services go, this one’s a fucking joke. It’s no “parental notification law,” for instance.

Hell, I’ll buy a case of morning-after pills now and keep ‘em in my desk for anyone who needs ‘em—assuming, of course, that there’s nothing stoppin’ 34 year-old fags from stocking up.

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Sigh. Why isn't there the slightest bit of reverence for a possilble life from you all? Wouldn't you want your daughter to have some time or parental guidance into making a thoughtful decision, instead of leaving her to eternally regret her action to end the life of her child?

I know the most liberal Republican-hating woman you could ever meet who to this day laments the abortion she had twenty years ago. She wishes she carried the baby to term and gave her/him up for adoption to parents that had the ability to raise a child.

Dan - I love you madly but you've been 34 since Grant was president. Are you turning into a Gabor sister? Poodle and all?

And I (for one) want to see a box of morning-after kits on your desk. That would be so cute.

You have 30 four-year-old fags?

Plan B is not an abortofacient. There's no imaginary dead baby, even the tiniest collection of cells, to pine over. I used Plan B myself, and I have no way of knowing whether any egg of mine was fertilized, or whether it would have been naturally flushed out, or anything. "Lamenting" that decision to take Plan B would be the weirdest, most abstract existential crisis I could imagine.

And no, I would not want my daughter to have any "time" to ponder this decision--Plan B is only effective for 72 hours. After that, she might very well be dealing with an actual implanted egg and the ethical decision would become that much more profound.

There are many women-- including myself
and many men -- including my husband
who do not regret my(our) choice to a) have an abortion and b) use the morning after pill. BTW THE MORNING AFTER PILL IS CONTRACEPTION NOT AN ABORTION.

Do we regret having to make the choice? Sure, I wish I'd been smarter and not had to go there, but we knew it was the right decision at the right time.

A few months later we realized that the "insufferable guilt" that pro-lifers talk about is bullshit. We don't feel guilty at all. Guilty for being stupid, yes. But not guilty for the choice we made.

Taking Plan B is killing a child like not planting an acorn is chopping down a mighty oak.

I find it far more insulting and trivializing of human life to equate a pre-implantation embryo with a fully formed adult human being. Give me a break. What a nasty and mechanistic view of what it means to be human to start and stop with a count of chromosomes.

Here is my question to the life-begins-at-fertilization crowd: Why keep cutting all the social services for actual children? Why make women miserable for having "bad" sex or being pregnant in what you consider to be an unacceptable social situation?


Note also that regardless of how the pill works, no one could possibly take it to "end the life of their child", even if that's what it did, for the simple reason that you have no way of knowing if you're pregnant or about to become pregnant on The Morning After.

Is anyone else on Slog old enough to remember the song "There's Got To Be A Morning After" by Maureen McGovern?

OK. MapleLeaf is less out-of-touch now.

It's from "The Poseiden Adventure" lip-synched by Carol Lynley and it won - believe it or not - an Oscar. Also nominated that year: "Ben" from the movie "Ben" a sequel to "Willard." It's a love song to a rat sung by Michael Jackson.

I knew it ARE Emmett Watson, commenting from heaven.

Golob, what you have to understand is that the so-called "pro life" crowd isn't just anti-choice, they're rabidly anti-sex as well, in any way, shape or form that does not have the intent of leading directly to procreation.

As far as they're concerned ALL sex is evil; they just tollerate procreative sex because traditionally it's been the only way they knew of to make more of their own kind.

Which leads me to wonder why they haven't fully endorsed in-vitro fertilization, simply because it completely eliminates sexual congress from the process of baby-making.

Pro-lifers are punitive, not preventative. If their goal was truely to end abortion, they would POUR money into education (sex-ed and otherwise), access to contraception, etc. Instead, they (as Dan has pointed out many times) want as many negative consequenses as posible to exist for "immoral" sex.

I fucking hate morals.

Weighing in on the "regret" thing -- just because people CAN work up their emotions about something, doesn't mean they HAVE to. Or should. Case in point: "vanishing twin syndrome." This is when you've got two embryos, and one isn't viable and gets reabsorbed. (Happens all the time with singleton embryos too.) Anyway, since the discovery of vanishing twin syndrome, there has sprung up a crowd of people who believe that they themselves originally had a twin that died. These people grieve, form support groups, the nine yards.

Dan, didn't you say in Savage Love this week that you're 27?

Insulting and trivializing of human life, indeed.

The only reason the religious wrong haven't gone gaga for artificial reproduction is because it still involves orgasm. Worse yet, it often involves female pleasure (those whores) since orgasm increases a woman's probability of conception.

Personally, Dan... I respect this stance.

Looks like Fags gets to give something back to womankind...

Now, how much are those der pills?

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