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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Project Runway

Posted by on August 24 at 11:53 AM

A great idea from the comments thread for last night’s Project Runway post…

Hey, lets have a finale party… kick out the sports lovers at a local sports bar and take over with Project Runway!

It’s a great idea. I think it would be swell for all the Project Runway obsessives that lurk on Slog to get together and watch the finale. Any suggestions for sports bars? Fox Sports Bar on 6th Ave.? Spitfire on 4th? Sluggers by Qwest Field? So long as there’s nothing sportsy going down the night of the PR finale I’m sure one call from our promotions department—hi, Caroline!—promising a crowd of hard-drinking fashion fans could score us a location. Let’s do it!

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dude, HAVE to do it at the fox sports bar. the sheer, sterile, corny chain atmosphere of the place is begging for some hard core fashionistas to dress it up.

its dripping with irony, really.

Spitfire is the place, a) the staff would probably enjoy it b) they would probably actually consider it vs. all the other places.

Why do you have to take over a sports bar? Don't gay bars have TVs?

What's more, one of the bartenders at the Spitfire actually is a fashion designer...I'm sure they'd be way into it.

What a killer idea.

I don't know how many televisions the Spitfire has, but blasting PR on 53 screens at Fox Sports Grill would be enough to make everyone's eyes bleed from happiness.

I predict a beat down.

I'm there! I have no suggestions as far as sports bars go, as I haven't stepped foot in one for years. I am all for taking one over for a night, though! We'll set the record for most martinis ordered in one night at a sports bar.

it will be like guerrilla queer bar!

How about R Place or Madison Pub? Hi Dan Savage!

Could we dress up for it?! :)

I don't care where its held... to me its a like an AA meeting, it will just be nice to see other PR addicts in the same room!

Guerilla Project Runway Party!

If hispsters weren't so terrifed of the bridge, I'd say the Rocksport in West Seattle would be perfect.

they currently have wednesday night PR viewing occasions at Faire.

I think we should totally dress up in our favorite Runway outfit. That would be AWESOME. Dibs on Uli's Diana Ross dress. Killer.

Does that crazy place the Rock Salt on Westlake have a TV?

I vote for Fox Sport Grill only because of the massive amounts of TV's and the fact that none of the guys who come in there regularly (do they have regulars) will know what the hell is going on.
God this is an great idea!

Find a place with a satellite feed, so you can watch the 7pm east coast feed.

This is a great idea, and I'm planning my outfit already.

I like the idea of finding a place where we can watch it at 7 PM.

OMG! This idea is killer! Do it Dan get us all a place to go watch! Get Schmader in on it too!

It looks like Spitfire has sattelite. And a tequila menu. Those are two good things in my book. Everybody has to drink whenever Tim says "make it work" or "I'm concerned".

Just a word of advice- if you have it at the Fox Sports Grill and Bar, be prepared to drink beer all night. Their cocktails are truly terrible. I had the worst martini EVER there. Seems to be a concensus about that one everytime I bring it up, I'm afraid.

Why not see if Big Picture would host it?

Oh. My. Gawd.
You should sooooo do this. And if my math is right, I will be in Seattle when it airs and my girlfriend and I will be there with trash on if we have to. Keep us posted.

Are straight dudes invited too?

Long as str8 guys don't mind having their asses and crotches stared at and don't mind playing gay after their three beers and a dark corner... well, sure!

Oh gosh, Quentin. With that one statement, you have eliminated the possibility of my husband coming with me. :(

Please. I'm sure he's kidding.

Anyway, my [straight] boyfriend loves Project Runway and so he's definitely going with me.

Spitfire seems like a pretty good choice. Someone (Dan?) wanna call them and see if they get east coast Bravo? And have it on for us?

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