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Thursday, August 24, 2006

PI Backs Street

Posted by on August 24 at 10:09 AM

The PI endorsed Jim Street in Seattle’s 43rd District race today.

This is an influential legislative district that has produced influential leaders over the years, including Rep. Ed Murray, whose run for the state Senate leaves this House seat open.

District voters deserve a representative with the experience, savvy and relationship-building skills to be a player in Olympia from day one. Street offers just that.

Before serving as a judge for four years, he spent 12 years on the City Council and was the first president of the Puget Sound Regional Council.

The issues he’s pursued resonate with the district’s values. He proposed what became the Families and Education Levy, was an early endorser of a limit on downtown building heights and has been called the father of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods.

While the PI praised all the candidates in the race (“Six solid candidates… an exceptional slate”), the only other candidate the PI singled out for praise—the only other candidate name-checked by the PI—was Stephanie Pure.

An impressive newcomer in that cadre is Stephanie Pure, a young activist with a bright political future.

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yeah, but have you heard the guy talk? not only does he take credit for EVERYTHING, from recycling to all public school funding, but he mumbles like crazy and is a little creepy.

seriously, listen to the PI podcast of the endorsement interviews. unintelligible.

unclear why they singled out pure, other than as a way of saying 'oh honey, you have no chance, but maybe you'll make the team next year'

basically, the people on the PI board that day decided they would be old fogies. didn't want someone effective in Olympia, like say Dick Kelley (endorsed by virtually all elected Dems and KCDCC), Bill Sherman (endorsed by Sierra Club an WCV), or Stephanie Pure (really cool and my neighbor), naturally ...

Jim Street's great on paper, but bad in person. And TOTALLY unresponsive to requests from the public. Bill Sherman, baby.

Okay, so Jim Street and Stephanie Pure were name checked by the P-I. Which candidates has the P-I body checked?

Pure has tremendous potential and I think the PI recognizes it. Hard to go up against Street's decades of political experience in these editorial boards. If you want a new energy in Olympia, I'd go with Pure - just as the PI says.

Hopefully, the Stranger will endorse one of their own next week and go with Stephanie Pure. Stephanie is energetic, dynamic when talking about an issue she is passionate about and works hard to deliver results. GO PURE GO!

Wow... if that's the narrowed field it's a blindingly clear choice. Age, experience and the "Seattle Way" status quo vs. youth, passion and actually getting things done the benefit Seattle. Nothing could make me more optimistic about Seattle's future than sending Stephanie Pure to Olympia.

If the Democratic Party is interested in having a future, it needs to focus on supporting emerging leaders like Stephanie, instead of treating the one truly secure Democratic seat in the the State Legislature like an award for decades of meritorious (read: mediocre) service to the party.

Jay is right. The State Legislature is where the farm team for higher office gets built. That's why potential over the next 20-30 years not only matters--it's essential.

Street's been a decent enough public servant over the last 30 years, but he’s not the long-term solution.

Republicans have done an excellent job of grooming young elected officials. We need to do the same. Pure is a great place to start.

Let's not forget someone who is only 5 years older than Pure but with a top-rate legal mind, business experience, and proven qualifications that dwarf Pure's "I'm an aide to a councilman" experience.

That would be Jamie Pedersen.

Yes, Pure's got potential. But Pedersen has more, and I think Pedersen can hit the ground running on the tough issues we face.

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