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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Peter Jennings, One Year Later

Posted by on August 8 at 15:49 PM


I missed the fact that yesterday was the one year anniversary of Peter Jennings death. Recognize.

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Man, I miss the hell out of Peter Jennings.

Yeah, I really miss him, too.

No one could read text off a teleprompter like him.

Yeah, Sean Reid could kick Peter Jennings ass anyday.

"SUNDAY, AUGUST 7 The week ends with Sean Reid, the 23-year-old Seattle man whom Last Days first had the pleasure of meeting in 2002, when he was a Seattle University student and Stranger news intern. Sean promptly revealed himself to be a fascinating individual: a straight guy with Jesuit-friendly leanings and an inbred drive toward social and sexual justice for minorities; a die-hard cineaste not above making ridiculous crap like Astronaut vs. Cave-man, his prizewinning entry in The Stranger's 28 Seconds film contest. (The judging was blind, so no one knew the film was by a former intern.) To Last Days, Sean's youth, intelligence, and natural engagement with the world offered proof of human evolution—which makes the fact of his cancer all the more shitty. After two years of treatment and a lifetime limit of chemotherapy, late last month doctors discovered the tumor in Sean's chest had returned, requiring Sean to make some tough decisions: submit to torturous medical treatment for the potential reward of a mildly extended, brutally compromised life, or brace for death at 23. Sean chose the latter, bearing the weight with a lightness that sometimes baffled his friends. But as any deliverer of tragic news knows, causing point-blank pain to your friends is equal to any personal anguish, and most people with cruelly restricted life spans want to see the people they love as happy as possible. Last Days hoped to get a bunch of Sean's thoughts on this shit down on paper, arranging to meet Sean and a couple friends for an interview tonight at the Twilight Exit. But this afternoon, surrounded by quickly assembled loved ones, Sean died. Best wishes to Sean's friends and family, and to his girlfriend, Jana. Everyone else, enjoy yourselves."


I miss Sean too, he was a good friend. Both he and Peter Jennings were good journalists and the world is sadder without them in it

It's so precious that the Slog runs a tribute to Peter Jennings while The Stranger continues to market the very products that killed him., by the way, advertised a pro-tobacco givaway type deal ("click here if you're a smoker to win prizes") on the one year anniversary of his death. It was sick.
The Stranger helps get non-smokers to start smoking and smokers to keep smoking, then gets all sad that Peter Jennings died from smoking. You make me want to puke.

Very true. The Stranger works overtime for RJ Reynolds, finding replacement smokers for people like Peter Jennings.

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