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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

One Music Festival I’m Not Interested in Attending

Posted by on August 9 at 15:01 PM

While I’m inexplicably charmed by the band name “Oops I Stepped in Some Christ”, I don’t think the time to check them out will be at “Methfest 2006”, where they will be appearing with, um, Fetal Distress, Arachnid Arcade, and Boostatali.

I’m guessing that “Methfest” was chosen for either its shock value or as a reference to the bands’ preferred tempos and song duration (ostensibly fast and unending), but it still seems like a poor marketing choice. Nevertheless, perhaps they could get some good ideas for flyers from this Just Say No-style banner I recently spotted outside a rural Montana high school:


Methfest transpires at the Rendezvous on Friday, August 18. Attend at your peril.

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You've got it all wrong.

MethFest is an event for metrosexuals who want to "walk on the wild side." It's a chance to place your wine glass on the table without a coaster, skip doing dishes for up to one (1) day, and leave as many as two (2) dirty socks on the bedroom floor.

"Meth" is "mess" pronounced with a lisp. Clever, no?

Then wouldn't they pronounce it: "MethFetht"?

I bet it is actually their answer to Hempfest, like the anti-Hempfest. Punk vs. hippie, meth vs. weed....


It is clearly a HempFest slam which makes it alright in my book (damn stinky hippies). Evidently there is more info at and this will be happening all weekend and moving each night (like a mobile methlab!!!) I mean Oops, some guy from Iron Lung and Antlers - this looks like it is going to an incredible set of shows!!!


Hey niggers I use meth and it fucking rules and I'm gonna feast at this fest so fuck off k? lol j/k meth is kinda sketch but i love fuckin on it hahaaha

maybe one of these would be more suitable and palatable to the cap hill folks?






cocaine nights on the pier?


yeah this is a fucking turn-off. I have loved checking out this weird music in Seattle, have wanted to see more of it and more noisefests, but Methfest?? ok so it's anti-hempfest sure, I guess there's not enough anti-hemp, anti-pot sentiment out there already. I hate meth and I love pot and psychedelics and it's lame to see meth (why any drug?) linked boldly to the noise scene. who the fuck are the people putting this on anyway?

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