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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Olympic Sculpture Park Opening Delayed

Posted by on August 24 at 14:50 PM

With Ms. Graves out of town, it’s fallen to me to keep tabs on the new waterfront sculpture park and its concrete supply problems—which have now, according to this hot-off-the-email-server release from SAM, officially delayed the park’s opening:

Due to the continuing King County concrete workers strike, the opening for SAM’s Olympic Sculpture Park this October will be delayed. The strike, which began July 31st, has cut off the concrete supply to building projects throughout the region including the park.

Construction, including art installation and landscaping, is still underway, but we will need to continue to assess the situation and impact the strike will have on the park’s schedule. We are dedicated to opening the park as soon as possible and will announce a new opening date when the strike is resolved and we have a clearer understanding of the full impact.

I’m told no new opening date will be set until the concrete pourers return to work.

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First those persnickety Hempfesters whined about their consitutional right to assemble, and now stubborn union members are crying about making enough money to pay their bills. Poor, poor SAM. It must be rough when nobody understand real priorities.

There are always delays..remember when the Hammering Man fell over??

Personally, I think a few too many of the workers decided to attend HempFest.

And remember when Hammering Man got chained up?

The guy who did that passed away last year:

What's keeping the concrete workers from getting back to work?

Maybe the city and county, seeing their interests getting held up, ought to step in.

The sculpture garden with its dense Urban backdrop of BellTown condos will make Seattle a world class city. The Typewriter eraser sculpture is a profound statement about "New Seattle".

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