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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Not Safe for Work, or Anywhere Else

Posted by on August 24 at 16:29 PM

This has got the be the most amazing album cover ever.

(Thanks to

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I count seventeen major lapses of taste. And that's without any titties! Wow. I've seen quite a few "party" records like this, but this is the most wonderful.

"That's cool. Mind if my dummies watch?"

That's not Willy Tyler and Lester, is it?

I don't see how that delafont website can be considered a good source for ventriloquists considering they don't have GOB and Franklin. But then again, Franklin said some things whitey wasn't ready to hear.

Wow, three comments and nobody's made a crack about "morning wood" yet.


What sucks is that every relevant search result on this is about the cover art. Isn't *anyone* curious about the album itself?

Hey, who's the other "K" commenting here? There's only one K allowed. Is that a clip from the new "Survivor"?

The coup de grace is the miniature American flag.

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